Yeah, to add on to my previous post, I would like to quote some wise sayings from Lady Jung of Dae Jang Geum. "Food is meant for human comsumption, not as some underhand means to gain fame and wealth. I will never ever use food as a mean to gain power!" Oh, how I agree with her! Yeah, and Lady Han also told Jang-geum that using short-cut methods would not improve the taste of the food. For those who have already watched the ending of this show, you would know that in the end, Lady Choi fell from grace and power, and ended up in a pathetic state. Yeah, in the end, only Lady Jung and Lady Han were the true winners, even though they died for Lady Choi. This shows that only sincerity and integrity will prevail, not fame and power. To those SCs out there, I truly hope you will serve with sincerity and integrity, not resort to bootlicking to gain the favour of teachers, because one day, you will fall.


Today, during morning assembly, I noticed that Ms Ek looked rather pissed off, and Hui En said that she was standing as still as a statue. Lol, scary enough. Then after we sang the national anthem and such, Ms Ek had a seriuos speech with the whole school. Yes, I agree with her, that our behaviour now is totally uncalled for. When I was at Jurong East taking my piano lessons at the age of six, every Saturday, without fail, I would see some RVians either in the library or hanging out at JEC. What makes them stand out is, they were different from the other students from neighbourhood schools. RVians that time didn't run about like mad, and didn't talk at the top of their voices. Even my mother commended them for being mindful of the environment they were in. But now? What has happened? Ms Ek has received complaints from members of the public telling her that RVians making a din out of themselves on bus 97, or RVians behaving in an inappropiate manner. From what I have seen at the age of six onwards, RVians were not the way Ms Ek or Mr Chua described us as.

I didn't expect RV's discipline to go down so much. Only after Ms Ek's speech, did I realise that every word that she said was true. Ankle socks, untidy hair, belts not put into their rightful holes; these were not seen in RVians eight years ago, or probably, at most, 3 years ago. Trust me, I've been observing how RVians dress and how their behaviour are for almost eight years. Yes, the RVians' discipline is definitely going down. Even the student councillors themselves are not a good role-model. You want to know why? I have ever witnessed an EXCO member kissing a girl in front of everybody in the bus! This is really uncalled for! Now, even student councillors are wearing ankle socks when they are not supposed to! Can you tell me? Are they really out to be leaders? Perhaps RV should really do away with the insignia system. This is only making RVians more power-hungry. Those with insignias have no regards for school rules, can you except those people with no insignias, those who easily succumb to peer pressure to do the same? Some people who want to get the insignias act like an angel in front of the teachers, but their true colours are revealed once the teacher is gone. What puzzles me is that, how blind can a teacher get? Despite all the complaints from other students, this teacher still chooses to support that student to become a councillor. In this way, a true leader will never be chosen. Really, RV should do away with the insigna system, because I know some people who are wearing them are not serving the school with their heart and soul. They only wear it to flaunt their postion, and to abuse their power. Yeah, that's all I have to say. Just do away with the insignia system, or, in the more serious case, disband the council, (because some people there are only hypocrites) and only elect those who truely want to do the school proud in every aspects.
P.S. This is not directed to all "insignia-wearers", only some.


Actually, nothing much happened today, just blogged because I was bored. Lol, it rhymes! Heck about me anyway, I'm going a wee bity loony due the the upcoming examinations. Like what Natasha said, we are facing exam stress! D= My mother always says that I am under-stressed, but in fact, I'm under stress! Lol, get it? Sorry, going more loony now. Anyway, reached home at about 3pm today. I went to do my Maths homework, and revised my Physics. Haiz, although Physics is more boring than Chemistry, I still think that the former is easier, because all you have to do is to just get your facts right, and you can see heaven in your results. As for chemistry, although it is much more interesting, the chemical equations can sometimes get onto my nreves. Let's take the chemistry quiz that I took today as an example. I can answer the first section rather easily, but see what happens in the next? I don't know how to qrite those stupid equations! Haha, not all lah, just some like the combustion of potassium and some propane thingy. Lol, don't expect me to know all these. Anyway, I just realised that we were doing 'O' level stuff for science. zZz... no wonder everything is so incomprehendable lah...zZz... never mind. Anyway, should I start playing some games to destress? Any ideas? Lol, I'm quite bored at home just studying and studying. Don't tell me to play MapleStory, because I swore that I'm never ever going to touch that game until my exams are over, finally over. Never mind, I still have TV shows to look forward to. And yes, after my exams I can finally watch Goong on Channel U!! Woots!! Goong totally rocks!!! =DD Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Jung-hoon totally rocks!!! =DDD And yes, the cross between ancient Joseon and modern Seoul. That is what Goong is! GOONG IS GOOD!!


Today we had PE. Haha, it wasn't that bad! In fact, I enjoyed mtself today! Mrs Yeow had to assess us on our performance, so we ad to play netball today. We aren't thaat bad lah, we thrashed 2A 8-4. Lol, all thanks to Pei Xuan (muaks)and Hao Yu who had superb shooting skills! Then in the end, we got back to class so sweaty. Luckily Ms Li wasn't angry with us for coming to class late.

Then after Maths was Enlish. It was so boring can...Mr Lee like don't know what to do with us leh, just threw us some stupid incomprehendable comprehension worksheet which made me use up my brain juice. Damn it lah, he didn't even teach us how to answer the questions, just crapped about how we ARE suppose to find the answers, and he expects it to be handed in by Monday. Please lah, you never teach us how to do, how do you expect us to hand in a good piece of work? I rather spend my time doing Mr Loke's Maths homework than do this stupid incomprehendable (to me, it is incomprehendable. So those people who know or think you know how to do this worksheet, just scram lah!)worksheet. Mr Loke is a nice teacher! =D But definitely not Mr L**!! >=(

Then met Jia Yi on 97! So I went home with her! =DD I love my junior so much! She's so cute!! =))) Jia Yi rocks!

Then I reached home rather early, so I went to do my homework. When I didn't feel like doing it, I went to the computer, and I watched the previews of Goong and Jumong on www.imbc.com For those people who don't know Korean, this site might be a bit hard to use! Must use a bit of your imagination hor! Good luck!


Today, I sat for my Paper 1. Haiz, I got so nervous even when I went down for morning assembly. Then 8am came. I took a look at the English question paper, and nearly wanted to faint. Section 1 had 5 questions, and we were suppose to choose to write on one question. However, I thought that all the questions were too difficult to write on, and I spent quite a lot of time thinking about which question to write. By the time it was 8.15am, I decided that I would do question 4, which was a question about alternative world. I just any how came up with some crappy ideas and wrote them in. Luckily section two wasn't as difficult as I thought. Phew.

Then it was Chinese paper 1. This one was a total disaster. I already used up quite some time to finish the letter writing (official). Then I couldn't decide whether to write a news reflection or some situation writing, so in the end, I decided to write about a person who left a deep impression on me. So sad. I think I'll lose quite a number of marks over here if I write out of point. I hope that my letter writing can pull up my marks. Overall, I thought that both papers that I sat for went rather badly. I nearly did not have the time to finish my Chinese paper too! Bleahx, anyway, what is done is done. There is no point in crying over spilt milk. I just hope for the best, the really best. I really hope for a miracle. Perhaps I should start singing "Perhaps Miracle" instead of "Perhaps Love". =p

Then we were dismissed at 12pm. Jennie accompanied me to Jurong East Popular so that we could eat lunch with my mum. Haha, I ate laksa! =D And dear Jennie ate erm...fishball noodles? Lol...can't remember! Well, blame my poor memory on the exam stress that I have been facing. Then me and Jennie saw erm...somebody's *ahem* at JEC with his classmate. That "somebody" must be h****-b*****!* Then Jennie say *ahem* kept staring at us, probably because we are bandits. Nevermind, going to tell that "somebody" that later. Oh man, she just missed him just by such a distance. If only she had accompanied me to JEC, she would have seen him...haha, really too bad for you.

Then I had my piano lesson again, but this time, it was held at Cristofori. Haiz, I really don't feel like going for piano lessons. I just find it a bore and chore. But anyway, my teacher was quite nice lah, but still, it hasn't changed my perpective of going for weekly lessons boring and such. Haiz, enough of complaining liao lah. Gotta eat dinner. Bye.


Oh man, the end-of-year exams are coming soon!! And yes, I haven't studied!! My Chinese and English paper 1 will be on Thursday, and though I've went through some of the model essay already, I still do not feel confident!! Oh man, this is seriuosly driving me nuts!! Flash...CID...Exams...all freak me out!! Where is this world coming to! I swear that after Jing Yi send me back the flash file, I'm going to revise, revise and revise, and I probably won't touch the computer until the exams are over. EOY sucks! =(

Anyway, I just received the SYF piece today. Oh yes, the 1st clarinet part is a REAL KILLER. So many high and running notes, how am I going to play this? On top of that, I don't even have that little time to practise, because of many other commitments! I better push myself right after EOYs, because I really want to participate in the SYF competition! Yeah! Good luck for EOYs everybody, and good luck for SYF too! =DD

Haha, I went home with Melissa and Si Lin, then Si Lin told us something about her sister's composition that made us laugh like mad! Lol, her sister sounded so cute! =D Anyway, on the MRT heading towards Choa Chu kang, I met my grandma oh the train, and she was just sitting beside me, and I didn't even know about that! -_- Then she gave me some money and a packet of honey-glazed chicken from Cold Storage! -.- Haha, but thanks anyway! =))


Today is such a nice day. OK, what a lame way to start a new post. Forget it! Haha, we had PE today, then Mrs Yeow wanted to assess us on our netball playing skills. The game went on pretty well, because I was already quite familiar with the rules, though I occasionally broke it once or twice =p, but who cares anyway.

Haha, then what made my day was the arrival of the Korean students!! =DD Haha, I'm quite surprised that they can actually understand English, though not much of it. Lol, then because the two other Korean students had to sit beside Jennings and Xin Yi, the third Korean girl sat beside Zhi Jun. In other words, she also sat next to me!! =DD Haha, then Jennings they all keep asking me to communicate with them, 'cos at least I know a bit of Korean -.- Then the other girl thought that I was a Korean!! Wow, being called a Korean by another Korean...that's so cool! =) But this isn't the first time someone say I look like a Korean. I was mistaken for a Korean by another person in New Zealand =p. Haha, then we "warmed up" a bit, then I started asking them what Korean dramas they've watched. Lol, seems like they watch all the dramas thet I've watched before! =) They know Dae Jang Geum, My Lovely Sam-soon, Full House, Princess Hours and many more! Cool right! OK, I know I'm obsessed with Korean shows, but I can't help it! =p Then Hye-mi gave me her "name card". Lol. Then before teacher came, they came and doddle Korean words on my foolscap paper and we talked about Korean shows! Thanks!! I will keep it! =)) And yes, I am going to watch Jumong if it ever comes out in VCDs!! Hwe-min (the girl sitting beside me and Zhi Jun)told me that Jumong is an extremely popular history drama in Korea! Lol, she loves it very much too! Hi-5! I'm quite sure that Jumong can repeat the huge success of Dae Jang Geum! Jumong, rock on!! *Let's all do the Korean wave!!* =DDD

Anyway, this is the opening staement of Jumong if I'm not wrong! =)))

"Magnitude is about to start."

You are about to go back to the time of Goguryeo, a time which was bigger than now.
"A time when our nation was the most beautiful", "A time when our nation was the center of the world". Have you ever met such a time?! Do you dare to journey into a time no one has ever gone back to. The most surprising time in history has come back 2000 years later, a time when the nation made China fall down to their knees and when we fought other nations without any fear.

Meet a hero bigger than the myth.
Alexander, Genghis Khan, we have the hero who overwhelmed his generation and changed history, Jumong! Up to now we have been used to dramas dealing with the history of kings and knights but now we are about to challenge in creating a drama with the birth of a true hero. A name only remembered as a myth. Get ready to meet Jumong, the hero who opened up the skies of the Old Joseon, which was once ours, by fighting thousands and thousands of armies.

Meet the love even bigger than the history.
"Love" seems to be the one common denominator across people of all generations and nations. "Love" gets swept away with the waves of time and also gets hurt with biased views in societies, but it also creates a new kind of history by wrestling against adversity and the trials of time. True love, which is uncommonly seen in history, is re-drawn through the drama of our once forgotten history.
Through the wisdom and courage of Korea’s first queen So Seo-no...and the rest


Lol, I seriously think that this was a case of mistaken identity. If this isn't the case of mistaken identity, I think me and Hui En really saw double, or worst still, a ghost! *Choy! Touch wood! It's still the lunar 7th month!* OK, it went like this. During history lesson, Ms Chia was teaching us half-way when Ms Teo, the HOD of Humanities came to look for her. Then we got the shock of our lives. Ms Teo had cut her hair, and she didn't wear a scarf like she once used to. I couldn't believe that that was Ms Teo until Hui En confirmed that it was her. Then I thought Louisa also said that it was her, because Jennings was wondering who that was. OK, now for the next part.

Hui En and I were climbing up the stairs leading to the library after our recess. Then Hui En *ahem* wanted to check out something, so we went towards the staffroom. Then suddenly, I saw Ms Teo right in front of me. It was her alright! Her hair tied into a bun, and there was a scarf wrapped around her shoulder. Alright, that IS Ms Teo! Oh my god, I think we really saw double! Gosh, this is bad! Really bad. So when we went back to class, we told Pei Xuan and Natasha what happened. Then we suddenly screamed! Haha, it was only Si Lin and Melissa, but we really thought that it was Ms Teo. -.- We all got Ms Teo phobia! Haha.

Then for CID today, we went up to present our model. Lol, our model is only half-done. Luckily other groups also haven't finished their models, so we didn't have to let everybody see our model, which is like, erm, so plain. The strange thing is, Mrs Lee didn't scold us for not finishing our models on time. That is SOOO unlike her! Anyway, CID today was only about 1 hour long, because after that, we had to go LT4 to listen to Ms Ek talk about the subject combination. Haiz, it was really quite cold in the LT4, then saw Hui En's picture on the powerpoint slideshow that was being shown on the screen! =) Haha, then nothing else liao. Oh ya, the Korean students will be coming to RVHS tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting them!! =DD


YES!!! After searching high and low on the internet for Jumong's OST, I've finally FOUND it!!! YES! People have mentioned that Jumong's standard of the show and the OST is very high!! So being curious, I went to find it. What is my comment after listening to it? It's really very good!!! Honest! The standard of music is comparable to Dae Jang Geum, dubbed of the greatest show ever produced!! Oh my, I'm really so in love with The Book of Three Han even before I've seen the real show. Hope that Singapore will show this show soon! I can't WAIT!!! Excellent show, excellent OST, excellent costumes, excellent acting, excellent storyline and excellent scenery!!! Oh my, that was what a lot of people said. I really love Korean shows because of all these factors! They simply rock my world!! Jumong, Dae Jang Geum, and the rest of the other Korean shows rock!!! =DDDDDDD


I love today!! During the earlier part of the day, me, my sister and my mother were fretting over where to go. After that, I suddenly rememebered that my mother actually wanted to treat us for a movie. I thought of The Host, which was one Korean movie that received rave reviews from movie critics. But my mother hated horror movies, so me and my sister decided to watch the movie by ourselves.

We had a rather hurried lunch as it was already 2.45 pm. The movie would start at 4 pm, and it was at Jurong Point. Lol, 172 finally came at 3 pm, but little did I expect it to bring us to Jurong Point within 1/2 hour. Wow, that was really fast! From Choa Chu Kang to Boon Lay within 1/2 hour, and people tend to have the misconception that buses travel slower than MRT. Lol, after buying the tickets, we went to Sweet Talk to buy our bubble tea. Haiz, the China lady who was serving had some hearing problem. I ordered 2 cups of Oreo CRUSH, which cost $1.20 each, and NOT Oreo CHOCOLATE!!! ARGH!! Wasted $0.60!!! Haiyo, forget about that stupid China lady who spoilt my day. Anyway, we also bought a small packet of popcorn from the Candy Bar because they didn't allow outside food and drink. Haha, then it was the movie. Haha, the movie already scared me even before the plot unfolded! The OST of the movie is also great!! The movie wasn't that draggy. In fact, it was rather fast-paced!! I couldn't find any fault with the movie!! The movie was just too fantastic! No wonder it became the highest-grossing movie in Korea, and many movie critics have praised it! People, if you haven't watch this movie, do watch it, because it's really worth the money! THE HOST ROCKS!! I WOULD GIVE IT 5 over 5 stars!!! Because it deserves it! =DDDDD


Haha, I picked Hui En up from Choa Chu Kang MRT station, and we went to have our lunch. I ordered my usual Ramen and Hui En decided to try something new, which was the cold noodle. Haha, her bowl of noodle cost $6, so expensive lor. Haha, I love my lunch very much, because I also got myself a cup of Oreo Crush. Haha, Hui En hated her cold noodle so much because the soup base was rather sour. Haha, in the end, I exchanged my lunch with her. Honestly, the cold noodle wasn't as nice as I thought, but overall, I thought it was still pretty average. Haha, perhaps I have the Korean taste =p. But I don't know what's wrong with me. I couldn't finish up my Oreo Crush and my Ramen, so in the end, Hui En helped me finish my Ramen, but I couldn't finish her cold noodle. Haha, we two felt so full until we couldn't walk properly.

After lunch, we went straight to my house to do our flash project. Lol, many people still haven't started, because we asked many people how to import song to our flash project, yet almost everybody said that they haven't even started yet. Anyway, after finishing flash, we decided to play Maple! Haiz, everything could have been so fun, if not for my mum, who limited my time to play. Haiz, *curse*. When Hui En was about to go, I went with here to go buy 4 packets of french fries! Wish to eat the yummy french fries more often! =)


I had nothing to do, so I went to Lot 1 to have lunch with my mother. My sister had to stay back in school because of some remedial classes, so it was just me and my dear mum. After that, we went to TS and LaserFlair to look at more Korean drama serials. LaserFlair didn't sell Be Strong, Geum-soon VCDs, so we went over to TS. They sold only 2 DVDs of that show, and it was the Malaysian edition. My mother told me that was of a lower quality, so I decided not to ask her to buy it. Anyway, my sister said that she saw it at Poh Kim, but it was nearly $100, as the drama itself was around 160 episodes. Haha, wait for the price to drop even lower lor. Besides, MediaCorp has already bought the drama from Korea, so they should be showing it soon, but I guess the earliest they will show this drama would be next year. Haiz, Singapore has to fall behind other ocuntries again. Even those non-Chinese speaking countries have already shown this drama, and MediaCorp has claimed that by showing Princess Hours on October, they are carrying on the Asian trend. My foot lor, even Indonesia has already shown it can. We are so behind time lor.

On the happier note, I went to Popular today, and I caught a glimpse of another Korean drama called My Girl. Haha, Lee Da-hae can really act lor! She's just so cute and adorable in the drama. My mother was also amused by her funny antics. I think she's thinking of buying this drama. I shall keep my fingers crossed! =)


Today, we went to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium to pay respects to my grandfather. Haiz, after lunch, we took 172 straight from Sunshine Place, and we alighted near the Muslim Cemetery. We wanted to take bus 405, but it semmed like this service doesn't operate on weekends. After waiting for about 30 minutes, we decided to walk there. Wow, the walk to the columbarium took about 20 minutes, and we were panting since we had to climb up to the second storey. It's been 2 years since my grandfather passed away due to some lung infection. During his last days, he couldn't even talk to us. I suppose letting him go was the best way for him, because he was already in hospital for almost a month, but his condition got even worse instead. After that, we said our prayers and left the place. We couldn't get a taxi because very few taxis would pass by that area since it was out of the main road, so we had to walk out again. Fortunately, there was a mini van who picked us up, and drove us to Boon Lay MRT station.

Then at Jurong Point, we went to TS to look at more Korean drama serials. After that, we went to Liberty and I saw one magazine that concerns everything Korean. Guess how much that magazine cost? It's so expensive can...it's about $9. Wow, very expensive magazine huh? I wouldn't want to spend money just buying 1 issue. Anyway, I am going to post some top-rated Korean drama serials. Not going to post the episodes, just the opening theme will do. Enjoy! =)

I suppose many people have seen this, but since this is a top-rated drama, I'm going to post it anyway. This is MBC's production. Dae Jang geum rocks! =)))

This is the drama currently showing on Channel U 10 pm. This is a romantic comedy that will appeal to all ages! You can see Lady Jung from Dae Jang Geum in this drama. Another MBC production!! =)))

This is one of the most popular drama in 2005, with viewer ratings shooting up to 40+%. You can see many familiar faces in here. They are, Lady Han, Ah Lie and Ah Chang from Dae Jang Geum, Sam-soon's mum from My Lovely Sam-soon, the old uncle who married Nan De, Nan Qi's wife from Since I Met You and Ying Xiu's father from Save Your Last Dance for Me!! I'm going to catch this show, because I know so many people here!! Another MBC production!! =)))

This drama looks like it will overtake Princess Hours as this year's most popular Korean drama, because viewer ratings have shot up to 48% in its 28th episode. This drama has 60 episodes, and it is aready doing so well in its first few episodes. Lady Choi from Dae Jang Geum is in here too! I like her and Lady Yuhwa pretty much!! Both of them are so pretty!! Geum-soon from Be Strong, Geum-soon, appears here as the female lead. The birth of another mega-hit drama is born, and yes, it's another MBC production!! =)))

A hit drama from KBS. This drama stars many famous artistes like Rain and Song Hye-gyo! Anyway, Rain is so CUTE in this drama, and Song Hye-gyo is so pretty!! Both of them make a perfect pair with all the bickering here and there. The theme song totally rocks!! I love Full House!! =))

This drama is another hit production from SBS. My Girl also features some popular artistes from Korea, and some familiar faces are seen too. They are Min Ke-ying from Little Bride 18 and Lee Joon-ki from the mega-hit Korean movie The King and the Clown. I' going to borrow this series from the drink stall auties cos they have already watched it! =))


Haha, didn't have to go to school today, so I only woke up at aroun 9 am. Lol, stayed up very late last night to watch My Lovely Sam-soon and read books. Honestly, My Lovely Sam-soon is a very good show from MBC. I was like laughing throughout the 1 hour. Today's episode will be more hilarious! =) Sam-soon's mother wanted to see Sam-soon's boyfriend, then ended up being thrown cake mixture by the manager of the restaurant. (P.S. I think the manager is actually Lady Jung of Dae Jang Geum; but I thought that Zhen Xian's mum looked like Yeo Woon-kye too =p Haiz, don't ask me who is who, I'm getting confused too!) Haha, then they had a scuffle, then Sam-soon was so shocked to see her mother and her manager fighting. Lols, I will be watching this show tonight! Haha, go see this show ok? It's really good!

OK, anyway, we went out to Lot 1 today to shop and eat. JollyBean has introduced somme crispy pancake which cost $0.70 each. I decided to try it, and it was really very crispy and warm. Yummy, perfect tea-break =)! Haha, then spent most of my time in the library and LaserFlair. Anyway, my sister's blog got deleted, all because of Blogger's fault. I dunno what happened, but Blogger posted at my blog, saying that due to some unknown error, a blog was deleted. Haiz, so sad. My sister's 6-month-old blog was deleted because of some technical fault. This isn't fair to her, she has already posted about 60 times, then suddenly without any warning, the blog was deleted. Damn. Luckily it wasn't my blog which got deleted, if not I think I'll breakdown and cry, because I have already garnered 106 posts.