Haha, wanted to blog yesterday, but since I didn't really feel like switching on the computer, I decided to blog about yesterday today. Yesterday was Spencer's farewell party cum class outing. We went to Sentosa's Palawan Beach to play, but just as we were about to cross the suspension bridge, the wind started to blow very strongly, and it was drizzling rather heavily. In the end, we were forced to run back to our bags and cover them in umbrellas. After some time, the sky cleared, and this time, we went to the water to play. Haha, our class people started to carry each other and throw each other into the sea. Lol, at first, I was rather apprehensive about getting wet as I didn't bring an extra change of clothes, but after seeing the fun that other people were having, I decided to get wet too!! We were having a fun time in the water when we decided that we would have our lunch before we continue playing because it was already 1.40 pm. I felt so horrible after I came out of the water, and the weather also turned horrible just when we were about to leave for lunch. The sky suddenly turned overcast and the wind blew very strongly. My umbrella also overturned itself, and the worse thing is, Natasha lost her phone. Haiz, spent so much time looking for it, but we couldn't find it, so we thought that her phone must have been stolen by somebody.

We went to KouFu for lunch. Hui En, Melissa, Si Lin and I went to buy lunch from the claypot rice store. Me and Hui En ordered fried rice, though mine is the spicier version. Although the food was nice, it was very expensive. It was $5 for a claypot. That was so sad, because the claypot in Lot 1 retailed at only $4. After that, me and Hui En went to 7-Eleven to get ourselves a giant slurpee. Haiz, we were so stupid to but slurpee when the weather was so cold, we should have gotten a hot chocolate with Melissa and Si Lin instead.

After lunch, we went back to the same place to play. This time, we played the game of concentration. A few more people joined us too. The person who lost had to be splashed water and sand on. It was rather fun to "torture" the person who lost. Haha, long time never play that game liao. Haha, we should play this game more often. Hui En and the rest all got wet again, and because I didn't want to go home wet, I decided not to go into the waters this time round. A Kodak photographer came and helped us take photographs of our class. Haiz, the photos were so expensive!! One small pocket photo was already $3. At first, I didn't want to buy it because of the price, because it was the photo with Spencer in it, I decided to buy it.

Soon, it was time for us to go home. Actually, we were supposed to eat dinner with the class, but because it was already so late, and we had school the next day, we decided to give it a miss. I went back home with Hui En, Si Lin and Natasha. On the way back to mainland Singapore, there was this group of Indian men who looked quite pervertic. They kept coming closer and closer to us until we felt so uncomfortable. Fortunately, a group of JC/university students spotted the Indian men doing something quite unusual, so they offered to swich places with us. That didn't slove the problem though. The Indian men kept following us to the MRT station, and by then, Natasha and I were scared out of our wits, so we ran, screaming away to the MRT station. Fortunately we managed to shake them off as we ran quite fast, so end of our problem.

OK, enough about my adventures. Now for today's post. Spencer didn't come to school today, because he would be leaving Singapore today. When I came to class this morning, some girls were already crying. Nobody had the mood the listen to the lessons being conducted. Even Ms Li didn't bother telling us to do anything. A last-minute decision was made to send Spencer off to the airport. At around 2 pm, we boarded the bus to the airport. Because we spent so much time trying to find the correct bus, we only reached the airport at around 2.30 pm. We all thought that Spencer wouldn't wait for us because he mentioned that he had to pass thorough the immigration counter by 2.30 pm. Once the bus stopped at the T2, everybody rushed out of the airport and ran all the way to find Spencer. When we couldn't find him at the Departure Hall, we all thought that he left. Luckily, he was at the other side of the Departure Hall. The boys had their last words of encouragement for him, and we took somemore photos. Soon, it was time for him to go. At that moment, almost everybody present cried. The more scary thing was that, when Spencer went in, the gate for his flight was closing. Haha, Louisa mentioned that we took too much of his time. Tommorow, I wouldn't be seeing Spencer anymore, and it'll be a good 2 years before I see him again. Spencer has flown to Vietnam already. We are only left with 32 people. Good Bye Spencer.

Team-building Day!


Yay! Today was Teambuilding day, and the best part was, we have NO lessons!! Actually, I didn't really like the first part of the activities we had, and that was Star Hunt (scavenger hunt), because my group spent about 1/2 hour just to solve the 1st clue. After that, Pei Xuan, Louisa and I lost interest in the game, and just left the work to the boys, since they liked running around so much. Haha, anyway, good work for the boys. They managed to solve up till the sixth clue, after which, at 10.10 am, we had to report back to the starting point. The next part of our activities, which was called Star Bonding, was much more fun!! I love that a lot!! Haha, we had to go to different stations, and the Sec 3 SCs would give us marks based on teamwork, cheering etc. Overall, I thought the the class did very well for almost everything, because the marks that we got were rather high. Haha, I think I am going to get a sore-throat, because after completing every station, we have to sing our class cheer. At around 12 pm, we went back to the starting point to eat our lunch. Lunch was really fantastic!! We had a packet drink, very delicious set-meal and a cup of ice-cream. The set-meal and ice-cream totally rocks!! They were really very nice to eat!! Haha, this is really the first time the school treated us to such nice lunch. Lol, last time at the UCC, the performers got to eat caterpillar-infested cabbage for lunch, which was so yucky and sucky. Haha, so today totally rocks!! =)

Then came the class cheering competition. They started with 2K first, so 2D had to wait for quite a long time before we could start cheering. I really don't know what is wrong with those 2I freaks. They seemed to be against whatever we do. Alright, we've already apologised to them for cutting the strings and messing up their temporary classroom, but it seemed like they want to get back at us by copying some parts of our class cheer. Can you imagined how pissed we got?? We got very angry, and vowed to do our best later. A few other classes came and went. After a while, it was out turn. Lol, I really like the class cheer so much. We screamed our hearts out for the sake of Spencer and the class. Towards the end of the cheer, some boys carried Spencer, and we said that we would love Spencer forever. At that moment, almost all the girls started to cry, including me. I really don't believe it. I know I am not that close to Spencer, and I never really talk to him, but after being in the same class for about 1 year and 7 months, I felt some emptiness in my heart when I heard that he was leaving. A few girls were inconsolable. Mr Lee blamed him for making us cry. We will miss you, Spencer.

Then it was CCA. We went to LT2 to watch Swing Girls, which is a Japanese movie. Haha, it was really hilarious. It made him momentarily forget about the sadness of Spencer leaving us. Then it was sectionals. Wen Hui and Emily were rather angry with us because we couldn't really play well. I can understand their anger, because next year is already SYF, and we, of course, would like to remain our Gold with Honours award for the second time running. Sec 2 clarinettists, please buck up. Only then can we improve as a band. Even the Sec 1s are playing better than some of us. Everybody, please work hard!! Jia you!!


Today we stayed back to learn our class cheer for tomorrow's teambuilding day. I'm actually quite looking forward to that day, because we will be going to West Coast Park, and we will also not have lessons. The sad thing is, I still have to stay back for CCA. Anyway, Spencer is going to leave us soon, and we took class photos with him. I actually wanted to stay back to watch the soccer match because that would be Spencer's last game, but we stayed back until 3.3o pm to finish learning the cheer, so I didn't go and support the match. Haiz, our class cheer actually changed quite a bit, and we had a hard time trying to get it right. The worse thing is, many people actually did not stay back to learn the cheer. Oh well, I just hope we do well tomorrow. 2 D.O.M, do well tomorrow, we'll show others what we can do!! Rock on!! =)


OK, I had my piano exam today. Don't ever ask me how it was or what happened, because I do not wish to elaborate on it. It makes me cry...anyway, I did somemore blogthings. Happy browsing.

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Haha, today we went to William's house to do our music project. I met Hui En at Dover MRT station at around 11.30am. Lol, we thought that we needed to take about 1 hour to reach Somerset MRT station, but it turned out that we only needed about 1/2 hour to reach there. By the time we reached Somerset, Si Lin and Melissa were still at Yishun. Haha, while we were entertaining ourselves, Wan Ting came. We waited for Si Lin and Melissa to come, and we made our way to Hotel Phoenix to wait for William's mother to come and fetch us. At first, when Melissa called William, and from the tone of her voice, it sounded as if William did not want us to come his house. Haha, luckily it wasn't the case. Finally, William came with his mother, and all 5 of us squeezed into the backseat. Wow, we were really squashed.

After awhile, we reached William's house. OK, someone said that William lived in a bungalow, but it turned out that he only lived in a condominium. Aiyah, actually his house was still quite nicely furnished lah, and his mother was so kind enough to provide 5 boxes of chicken rice. After that, we proceeded on to do our music project. Haha, William was so good, he provided us with a lot of snacks. Haha, after that, we got very bored of doing our music project, so we decided to play with William's laptop.

At around 5pm, we took a taxi to CentrePoint, and we went home. Enough of blogging. I have to practise my piano!! =(


Haiz, Monday will be my piano practical exam. Oh man, I'm already getting the jitters. Haiz, I'm taking grade 8 exam, so expectations and standard will be very high. Really stressed out!! All this whole month, I've been having countless number of exams and tests...when is this gonna stop?


Yay!! Dismissed from band by 5.15pm!! All thanks to the Sec 1s!! Today, Ms Chan was rather nice, and she didn't lose her temper lah...I just love today very much!! By the way, the school will be organising a trip to my dear New Zealand. Hahaz, Hui En wants to go, and I'm also kinda intereted to know where the school will be going. Haiz, but I'm not sure whether I want to go, because I've been there only during the last school holidays, and it'll be spring/summer there. I want to save up to go to my Korea. Haha, Korea will be having winter at the end of the year!! =)


Haiz, got tagged by Natasha to do this...but anyway, since I got nothing to do, I might as well just do it.

7 random facts bout me:
`*I love watching Korean shows!!
`*River Valley Concert Band
`*Loves playing MapleStory a lot!!
`*Grade 8 in piano
`*Has a theory teacher who is also mad about K-pop!!

7 stuff that scare me:
_*Dead mangled bodies of insects
_*Insects that fly about
_*Alone in the darkness
_*Being trapped in the lift
_*Some really disgusting and scary advertisement
_*Having nobody to go out with
_*Seeing people just collapse on the streets

7 songs at the moment:
`~Onara (Dae Jang Geum)
`~Fate (Full House)
`~Endless Love (The Myth)
`~From Then Up Till Now (Winter Sonata)
`~Just Like Last Time (All In)
`~I Think I (Full House)
`~Heehee, almost all the songs from Save Your Last Dance For Me!! I'm crazy over that show now!! It rocks!! Eugene rocks!! =)

7 stuff that I like:
+*More and more Korean dramas!! =))
+*My clarinet
+*Playing in the band!!
+*My toy sheep from New Zealand
+*My kiwi key-chain from New Zealand
+*My Korean drama VCDs
+*My friends! =)

7 things I say the most:
[[wadde hell]]
[[shuddup lah]]

7 people I'm tagging:
Aiyah, those who are THAT bored can do this lah, I shan't force people to take this quiz.


Today is Speech Day. Haiz, after rehearsing for almost the whole week, all those who are performing have to reach school by 8 am. I slept at around 12 am and woke up at 6.30 am. I met Farah and Sarah at Jurong East MRT station, and I kept yawning on the bus. We reached school at around 7.50 am, and soon after tuning, we went straight to LT1. Haiz, we waited very long for our turn to perform, because the first half of the concert was prize presentation. Soon, LT1 was full with people from choir, CO and band. Aiyah, there was nothing much to do, so the wait was rather boring. The only thing that I did was to polish my clarinet. Ya, that was how bored I was. Anyway, I felt that Speech Day was a success!! Especially the band. I love the way we played!! Swee Ying did a good job in conducting, and this is her first time conducting for the band. Swee Ying, good job!! =) Hope that tomorrow's Band Fiesta would be just as successful!! Hey, people out there. Come support RVCB tomorrow at Plaza Singapura at around 4 pm. I guarantee you, you'll just fall in love with the music we play!! =))


Haiz, today was horrible!! I felt so sick today (oh well, who passed the germs to me huh??!! Better own up!! ), and I kept wiping my nose because it was dripping snot. Theb during PE, Mrs Yeow wanted us to play ball games in the rain, and I thought that made me feel worse. Heehee, felt rather sleepy until during recess. The fried maggi noodle that I ate really woke me up, so after that, I felt more energetic. Then it was science practical. I just love doing chemical experiments!! They're much more interesting than physics experiements, which are so boring!! Oh well, history was rather ok, but Malay totally sucks!! It was so boring that I nearly went back to sleep again. OK, enough crapping about my day in school.

The air-con in the band room broke down, so we really sweated while playing. Lol, we did some gimmicks for our "Let's Swing" music, but I dunno whether Ms Chan was impressed or not. Haha, going to talk about today's Speech Day rehearsal. Waa, going managed to leave school at 7.15 pm. Can you imagine how late it is? I only reached home at 8.50 pm. Today's rehearsal was really damn boring, because we still have to wait for other performing groups to finish performing. After the first round of rehearsal, we went back to slack in LT1. Haha, met the CO people there, saw Si Lin and Melissa too!! Then during the second round of rehearsal, that Ms Wan cut short our "Let's Swing" music and asked us to proceed on to playing the school song instead. Anyway, we did what we were told, because it was already almost 7pm.

We went back with most of the people in the clarinet section on bus 97. Me, Farah, Sarah, Zhi Yi and Shi Xian actually boarded the bus without us knowing that Candy, Claire, the other Shi Xian, Si Qi and He Ling were also on the bus. It was only when the other people got off then did we realised that they were also on the same bus. Lol, we talked a lot of crap. Poor Zhi Yi, she was prevented from leaving the bus by Shi Xian, Si Qi and He Ling. Haha, in the end, she took it all the way to Jurong East. Claire suggested going to JEC to eat dinner, but it was already 8.20 pm, and it was rather late for me and Farah, so we decided to not go. Aiyah, got to rest well to perform well tomorrow lah. Everybody!! Jia you for tomorrow's Speech Day!! Make it a successful one!! Yay!!

By the way, my mum bought SBS's Save the Last Dance for Me VCDs. Actually wanted MBC's Princess Hours, but it was too expensive. Haha, just settle for this VCD first. Another alternative would be to borrow the Princess Hours VCDs from the drink stall aunties. =)


Aiyah, I was actually looking forward to this day, but in the end, everything ended up so boring for me. Actually, English lesson was rather interesting as we watched a video called Yamasaki or something like that. It is about a group of 7 people who are very adapt in acrobatics. Oh my, this show was really cool!! I hope to watch it the next lesson!! =)

Aiyah, then had band today. Totally sianz diao can? During the first hour or so, more than half the band didn't turn up either because of remedials or some other commitments. Ms Chan actually wanted to call off the CCA session as there was nothing she could do. In my heart, I really wanted her to call it off because I really had a lot of homework!! I still haven't finish my Flash homework, and I cannot do it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because of Speech Day and Band Fiesta. I still have Maths test on Monday!! Argh!! This whole thing is really driving me mad. Lol, that was why I was rather pissed today. Sorry to everybody whom I APed. Well, there is another round of Speech Day rehearsal tomorrow, but I'm not attending it, because I have my piano studio practice. Phew, how lucky of me. If this goes on, I'll really be banging my head on the wall...sad... ='(


Aiyah, today's post shall be random. Actually, nothing much happened, but dunno why I feel like posting. Anyway, I took a few tests, and the results are below.

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Ah-ha, today was such a nice day. Want to know why?? Because of the MOE Excel Festival, we could be dismissed at 12 pm!! Can you imagine how early that is? It's even earlier than primary school dismissal time!! And what's more, there is NO CCA!! How happy can I get?? Anyway, I also laughed a lot in class, especially during chinese lesson. Ms Li got us to read the text over and over again, and finally, she got 2 people each to read part of the text. Haha, me and Hui En were the second pair that Ms Li called up. Haiz, it's all Hui En's fault. She stumbled over a phrase, and we ended up being the first pair to go up to the class to do some funny things =( Haha, since we were the first group, Ms Li was rather lenient to us. After every punctuation mark, we had to say "Yesterday, my mum said that I was very cute." How funny can that get?? -_-''' Haha, after we all went up, many other groups also stumbled over their parts, and Ms Li made them do more difficult stuff. We enjoyed seeing our "descendants" doing forfeits for the class. After all, we were the first who got picked by Ms Li. Chinese lesson was boring yet funny at the same time. Lol.

Finally, 12 pm came. We wanted to finish our music in school, but we had to leave the school by 12.30 pm, and Hui En wanted to eat her Korean noodle. I took bus 97 to Jurong Entertainment Centre with Hui En, Melissa, Si Lin and Wan Ting. Waa, bus 97 took such a long time to come, and the bus-stop was very, very crowded with RVians. After waiting for quite a long time, we boarded the bus. Melissa, Hui En, Wan Ting and I got onto the bus, but I nearly jumped when the bus conductor said that the bus was too full, so Si Lim couldn't get onto the bus. Fortunately, Si Lin managed to get in. Phew...

Finally, we reached Jurong Entertainment Centre. We went straight to the foodcourt and me and Hui En bought our Korean Ramen. Lol, Melissa bought some chocolate sundae that cost $3.50, and Wan Ting bought a huge plate of french fries that cost $2. Haha, our Korean Ramen cost $3.90, the most expensive food on our table. =) Anyway, I agree with Hui En. We get more inspiration when we are eating. Haha, we manged to finish our music quite quickly. Our minds think more creatively when we are eating. Lol. When we were about to go, Hui En and Wan Ting met their fellow St John squadmates and they chatted for quite some time. Haha, then me, Melissa and Si Lin were looking at some cute toys on the shop window next to the Pretty Pix shop. We thought that the toys there were rather cute, but one toy had the word "death" in it. We freaked out lah, of course. Wan Ting didn't take NeoPrints with us because she wanted to discuss about their St John stuff with her friends. So only left me, Hui En, Si Lin and Melissa. Haha, the neoprints that we took were very nice, although we didn't have time to decorate one last photo. Never mind, the important thing is that, we rock!! We rule!! =)))


Today was horribly sucky!! First, as usual, I couldn't stand CID. 2 hours was really very torturous, but at least this lesson wasn't as bad as last week's lesson, probably because suckyvisor didn't teach us. Mr Oh thought us today, and suckyvisor just stood at one corner and observed the lesson. Anyway, today was rather interesting as we got to use the voltmeter to measure the energy in the batteries. Some of you may scoff at such things, but if you're in suckyvisor's class, you get what I mean. As usual, both teachers let us off late, so we arrived at our maths class 10 minutes late, and Mr Loke already asked the rest of the class to finish up his maths homework, and we had to rush through his homework, because Mr Loke wanted it by today. Anyway, I managed to finish it before school ended.

Now for the Speech Day rehearsal. Alright, Candy told me to be in the band room by 2.45 pm, but guess what? I could have been late if Chua Shi Xian told me that I was already late for band. Actually, band was supposed to start at 2.15 pm, and by then, I was still in the freaking classroom and struggling to find a suitable address for my letter writing. Lol, I decided to use some names from MapleStory. Haha, great idea. Anyway, we went to the hall for rehearsal at around 3.30 pm, but oh man, the weather was really hot, and the NCC boys took so long to stack up the chairs for us. Alright, it's understandable, because this was the first time we were rehearsing. During the second round of rehearsal, we were watching the other performing arts perform. Lol, I thought that dance was rather good, then Natasha told me it was spanish dance. Lol, they can become flamingo (or whatever) dancers liao!! Haiz, then Mrs Chak said, since CO could play without their scores, there was no reason why we couldn't. We were very shocked and surprised as we didn't memorise anything. Fortunately, we were able to pull off the piece, and the teachers were impressed by how we managed to memorise the piece so quickly. Anyway, the only thing that freaked me out was the weather and the time we went home. I went home with Zhi Yi, Shi Xian and He Ling, and by the time we reached Jurong East, it was already 7.30 pm. Haiz, it's really very late. I really wonder if we really have to go home that late if band fiesta is around the corner. Maybe we will have to stay back longer if we are participating in the SYF competition. Haiz, I really don't like going back home late, but do I have a choice?


Aiyah, today was such a boring day...but I also quite liked today. The boring part was, the day seemed to pass by so slowly, and assembly was a real bore. They had the Peer Support Leader investiture which was quite boring, and I nearly fell asleep during the later part of assembly. Mrs Look was briefing us about the fire escape routes, but no one was paying attention to what she was talking about. Then Mrs Look was very pissed with us, and she scared me when she suddenly shouted at us. Haiz, enough about the stupid assembly lah.

After school today, I stayed back with Melissa, Si Lin and Hui En to finish up our flash homework. I was supposed to go for sectionals, but I couldn't because of my piano studio practise. Aiyah, crap...couldn't contact my mum in school, so I thought the piano practise was still on. When I reached Jurong East, she said the piano practise had been postponed to next Thursday. Aiyah, sian lah, tomorrow got to stay back for band. Luckily there is no CCA on Friday, if not I'll really go mad. (suckyvisor giving me pressure again...) ='(

By the way, has anybody watched The Myth?? I know that that movie is a quite-long-ago production, but I liked the song so much!! Heehee, can anybody lend me the discs?? Anyway, below is the music video of The Myth, sung by Jackie Chan and my dear Kim Hee-seon. Haha, Kim Hee-seon is the female lead in Sad Love Story. Aiyah, has anybody got the theme song for Sad Love Story?? I once heard it somewhere, and I really liked it alot!! The pretty girl that you see in the music video is Kim Hee-seon herself. No wonder people say that she is Korea's first beauty...aww...=)


Aiyah, actually nothing much happened today. I played Maple for a short time today, and I finally found the stupid blue present. Haiz, I didn't get the Maple bandana that I wanted, just a stupid piece of cake.

Anyway, I want to talk about the World Cup, my latest obsession. I don't believe it... many unexpected surprises suddenly came up in the last minute. This is really unbeliveable... how can Brazil, the 5-time world champion, lose to France??!! I'm really shocked!! For most of the time, the Brazilian team has at least played to the semi-finals, but now?? They crashed out during the quarter-finals, 0-1 to France. I admit that Brazil has not been playing to everybody's high expectation, but this is really ironic. Almost straight after Brazil's Ronaldo made World Cup history by becoming the World Cup top scorer, Brazil got kicked out of the picture. Argh...this is really disappointing...anyway, I hope that Brazil will play better the next time round. Now time for another surprise. The favourites to win were the England team, but in the end, Portugal became the winner. Another thing is, David Beckham is going to quit as England's captain. So many weird things have been hapenning during the World Cup. Now, I only hope that Germany will advance on to the finals. I'm supporting them!! Actually, their chances of winning the World Cup is very high, because of their home ground advantages and their great technical skills. Germany, all the best!! =)