Erm...what can I say about today?? TODAY TOTALLY SUCK!! Especially during CID. Hui En and I went to the Science cluster, and we were SO UNLUCKY to be under that stupid suckyvisor (for those who want to know who suckyvisor is, please come and ask us personally). Jennie had better luck than me. She got into forensic science which is thousands times better than sucky electronics. And who the freaking hell seperated me, Jennie and Hui En? The culprit is none other than suckyvisor. I couldn't be in the same group as Hui En because suckyvisor told us to get into pairs, and the partner cannot be from your same class and CCA. ALRIGHT!! FINE!! *pissed off* But the good thing is, I got to be Yan Peng's partner lah. She is the chairperson of 2I. She's quite friendly, but I still prefer to be with Hui En. Alright, back to suckyvisor. First day already scold like hell. "Where is your ASK journal??? Don't you know that today is CID?? Are you going to have fun all day long??!!" OMG!! If this continues, I think I'm gonna jump off the building right away, because she makes my life so miserable ='( Honestly, she's really driving me real mad. Hui En and I threw our temper on the way back to class, and I nearly crushed the damn piece of article that suckyvisor gave us to do REPORT!!! ARGH!!! This is driving me mad again. First day of CID already have to do report!!! F*CK!!! What is drving me more mad is, Jennie didn't have to do anny freaking report!!! WHY US???!!! WHY US??!!! I WANT A TRANSFER!! I REALLY CANNOT STAND BEING WITH SUCKYVISOR!! If you all think that I can come late for her lessons, you are wrong. Haiz, those teachers are so clever. They purposely arranged CID lessons right after recess, and so, there isn't any reason for me to be late. Some more physics lab 3 is so near to the canteen, and if I ever come late, I'll to put my head on the chopping board. I rather have Machine Gun (come to me personally if you want to know the indentity of this person), Wicked Witch and Kindo Brueno. I rather have French Horn Leader and Miso Soup (again, come to me to know the peoples' idnetity) as my CID teacher. BUT NOT SUCKYVISOR!! I HATE THIS!! HELP!!! ='(


Yay!! I've finally found the Princess Hours opening credits!! Woots!! I love the music and the graphics so much!! It's just so colourful!! =) Here it is, but don't mind it being out of the frame. Anyway, Yoon Eun-hye and Song Ji-hyo are two very pretty girls, with the former being an extremely cute queen too!! I don't really fancy the guys that much though... xD

From left: Song Ji-hyo, Joo Ji-hoon, Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Jung-hoo

The very cute queen Shin Chae-kyung, played by chiobu Yoon Eun-hye

Haha, shall post the characters' information over here.

Shin Chae-kyung (Yoon Eun-hye)
Chae-kyung is a student at an art high school. She wears training pants under her school uniform and uses slang on a daily basis. Despite her family’s difficult financial situation, she is lively and cheerful, and has creative talent. She hates Prince Lee Shin who attends the same school, saying that he has a prince syndrome. Because of her family’s situation, however, she is forced to consent to an arranged marriage with him. As she gets to know him better, she discovers his loneliness and begins to feel compassion. While struggling to adapt to palace life, Yul makes his appearance. He is kind to her and this attracts her, but she can’t help thinking about Lee Shin. Chae-kyung is an optimistic character who manages to deal graciously with the veiled attempts to take the throne. She brings a cheerful and genuine presence to the stony atmosphere of the palace and gradually changes other members of the royal family. See how this ordinary high -school girl turns into a respected princess.

Lee Shin (Joo Ji-hoon)
Prince Lee Shin has won the heart of every girl in the country, but is fed up with fans that follow him wherever he goes. Born to a clever emperor and a beautiful empress, this arrogant prince has both intelligence and great looks. However, strict palace rules and heavy royal responsibilities do not allow him any private life or dreams of his own. He is so disillusioned that he no longer believes in family, love, or friendship. Living in his own sheltered world, his only pleasure is watching movies. He had a covert relationship with Hyo-rin, who is a ballet student at the same school. Because of plans for an arranged marriage many years before, he is forced to marry a spunky, ordinary girl but finds himself gradually falling in love with her. He is at the heart of a love triangle as his ex-girlfriend Hyo-rin intervenes after the marriage. The situation worsens as the second-in-line Prince Yul wishes to reclaim the throne.

Min Hyo-rin (Song Ji-hyo)
Hyo-rin is a pretty, clever ballet student who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina. She is the first love and secret girlfriend of Lee Shin. He had proposed to her, trying to avoid an arranged marriage, but she declined, believing that her dream to be a ballerina was more important. After winning a competition, she realizes her true feelings for him. She befriends Chae-kyung in the hope of winning Lee Shin back, just as Camilla did with Prince Charles. One day, Hyejeonggung, the mother of Yul, who has plans to reclaim the throne, approaches her. With Hyejeonggung and Lee Shin’s friends, Hyo-rin manages to put Chae-kyung in a perilous situation. Everybody thinks Hyo-rin is perfect, but she carries her own untold secret.

Lee Yul (Kim Jung-hoon)
Yul is second in line to the throne. He was still a child when his father died in an accident, leaving the title to Lee Shin’s father. He and his mother left the palace and since then lived abroad. He has lived a carefree life with no royal obligations, so his outlook and actions are no different from those of other ordinary high-school kids. Gentle, attentive, and intelligent, he likes gardening and reading. His character is the reverse of the haughty prince, Lee Shin, and he always takes good care of Chae-kyung. He was originally troubled by his mother’s ambition for the lost throne, but soon finds himself wanting to reclaim his title as he falls for Chae-kyung.

Nice opening credits yeah? =)


I've added MBC's Princess Hours on my wishlist. I want to get the VCDs, but it isn't out in Singapore yet. I've heard so many rave reviews about this show that I'm so tempted to watch it on YouTube. Well, this show is the most popular Korean show this year, and because many people pleaded with Mediacorp to show it, Mediacorp said that it will show it latest by October. Oh well, at least Mediacorp is faster now, not like last time when they only show Dae Jang Geum 3 years after they broadcasted it in Korea. I've seen the trailers for Goong (Princess Hours) and I thought it really looked interesting. This show is a cross between historical and modern times, and this is also a comedy. I think Yoon Eun-hye, the female lead, is also very cute and pretty. Anyway, if I was already laughing when I saw the trailers, the show should be very much better. Mediacorp, when exactly are you showing my beloved Princess Hours?? I want to see my Yoon Eun-hye on TV. Oh ya, can I ask you one more thing? When the freaking hell are you showing Full House??!! Full House is a very good show, one of the best comedy I've ever watched. The theme song (ask me to send the song to you if you want it) is really cool. It makes you feel very high after listening it. Mediacorp, if you ever show these two shows, please, please do not put them in the 10 pm timeslot!! (By the way, good news for Korean TV addicts. My Name is Kim Sam-soon will be showing right after Armed Reaction 4. Oh well, still in the 10 pm timeslot I suppose...but never mind, students, just sacrifice 1 hour of sleep to watch this hilariously funny comedy alright?)


I shall not elaborate about today's school warming day, because I thought nothing really interesting happened. Just go to my friends' blogs and see ok? i shall blog about what happened during Maple yesterday. They had the 2x drop rate, and within one hour and the half, I managed to hunt 4 equipments!! Woots!! All from the very cute tick-tocks!! I love them!! I hunted a Maple Kandayo (level 43 theif claw), Maple Soul Searcher (level 43 bow), Golden Moon Shoes (level 40 Magician shoes) and Hall Staff (lvl 40 Magician staff) from them!! My friends said that killing slimes would give you more rare stuff. I dunno about that, but I'm kinda tempted to go back Victoria Island because my other friend also said that killing more nooby monsters give out more rare stuff. Haiz, now got so many level 100+ ksing the place where many cake monsters reside. All because of the quest...the blue present...aiyoh...I'll sure lose out to them lah...now even lvl 20+ people also want to ks that spot...HAIZ...I'm probably moving on to going to cloud terrace...well, no choice, because I want to do the quest as well...anyway, I don't think I can get anymore items from tick-tocks. (By the way, those who want to buy the Maple Soul Searcher and Kandoya from me, please PM me in the game...thanks)

Land of Bliss @ New Zealand


Alright, so I'm finally back from New Zealand. There is only one word to describe that place. FANTASTIC!! However, the freaky weather there really scared me. The lowest temperature I've ever experienced was -2 degrees. I was shaking alright. Winter came early this time for New Zealand. But today is New Zealand's shortest day, with the sun setting at 3pm. Auckland may soon experience hailstorm, and Rotorua is already -10 degrees. I'm just so glad to escape from the cold weather. OK, now for the start of my mega-long post. Please bear with me. Thanks.


Haha, the post today shall be a short and sweet one. Gonna miss you guys for 11 days, cos I'll be away in New Zealand. Yup. Gonna finish reading my Animal Farm and Journey to the West on the plane. Don't worry, I will get some souveniers for my friends. Anyway, I leveled up today, so I'm a nice level 41 ice wizard. Anyway, if you ever see dreamlucky on Maple, that isn't me. It should be my sister, at least, I hope!! Hope to level up sooner!! Till we meet again on 23rd June!! Good Bye!! =)


Yay!! Hui En is finally back from Malaysia!! And she got me something. Thank you very much!! Haha, today is my sister's birthday, and my twon grandmas decided to give her a treat at Seoul Garden at Tampinese Mall. Haha, ate to my heart's content over there. Hmm, I didn't really eat much because I was busy barbequing the food. But nevertheless, I enjoyed myself very much.

Haha, then I went home by myself because my mum had to get a birthday present for my sister. Aiyah, what a boring trip. From Tampinese to Choa Chu Kang, I was nearly alone. But after I reached home, I played Maple. Yay!! Here are some screenshots that I took. I finally got a glimpse of Master Soul Teddy!! Woots!! But I was clever enough not to try to claw it. But the sad thing is, I died 2 times since I leveled up. Waa!! I just hate the flying monsters so much!! >=(
Anyway, Hui En is now using my Matty. Lol, she always get second-hand stuff from me. By the way, I just hunted a level 40 Traus (Warrior weapon) from the very cute Tick-tock. Thank you tick-tocks, I love you very much!! Muak!! =)


Aiya, managed to clear all my quests that I need to finish. Anyway, I leveled up!! =) Yay!! So I'm officially level 40 now!! Woots!! Hahaz, nothing much happened today, except that I kept re-watching Little Bride 18. I'm really bored, and I miss my friends who are happily holidaying in Malaysia. They will be coming back today, haha, and Hui En, have you gotten me my souvenier?? =p

OK, I shall blog about yesterday. Straight after my theory lesson, me and my mum went straight to Orchard Road to buy my winter clothes and suitcase. Lol, New Zealand will only be 3 degrees, and I seriously need some very thick clothing. Haha, I managed to get a 26-inch suitcase for only $30, which is really a deal, considering the fact that the suitcase is kinda branded. I bought it from Carrefour in Plaza Singapura, where they were having a warehouse sale. Haha, but my winter clothing cost more. My jacket itself was already $79, and I still need my gloves and scarf. Oh man, but never mind, I'm still looking forward to my trip. =) Hui En, come back soon, and you'll have your Brown Matty!! =)


Today was such a nice day. Hui En and I went to Shenton Way to take photos of the various buildings there. Hahaz, we walked along Raffles Place and we ate nasi lemak for lunch there. We were there to do our Maths project. Freaking hell lah, got so many crappy projects coming up. Our next CID cluster is Science, and I hope we wouldn't be THAT lucky to be under Mrs Lee Lee Mui. Alright, I've seen the way she treats my seniors, and ya, I'm of course quite terrified of her. Honestly, she seemed to strike fear in every students' heart. Other teachers aren't like that!! =(

Anyway, we went to Hui En's house, and we finished our Maths project rather quickly!! Cool!! After that, we went to play MapleStory. Hahaz, Hui En is already in Ludibrium. Yay!! But I'm pro-er. Managed to finish 2 quests in Ludibrium today!! And my EXP is 50+% liao!! Hoping to level up soon so that Hui En can have my Brown Matty. Haha, here are some screenshots I took from Maple.

Haha, enough for today. I have to do my homework now. Bye!! =)