Today, I made my trip to Ossyria. Alright, Ossyria looks nice, but the monsters there are not!! The monsters really freaked me out. They attacked me over 100+ HP!!! Argh!! Finally, I decided not to stay in Ossysia. Well, I went over to the Ticketing Usher and got myself a ticket to Ludibrium. Ludibrium simply rocks!! I love Ludibrium!! The monsters there attacked me less, and I can easily kill some monsters with just 2 claws. I think I'm gonna stay in Ludibrium, finish up all their quests, and play with the toys over there. Honestly, Ludibrium is a much better place than freaky Ossyria. I just love toys!! =)


I'm so happy today. Firstly, I woke up at around 11 am, and after that, my mother allowed me to watch Full House. Woots!! I'm loving Full House to bits. Honestly, I think Korean shows are of higher standard than Singapore shows. Their acting is more natural, and there isn't as much shouting and vulgarities being said. This is the good thing about Korean shows. Hmm...maybe what I can't stand about Korean shows is that, they make me cry so much. That is the bad thing。 Otherwise, I think Korean shows sooner or later will start taking over Hong Kong shows in terms of acting and storylines.

Anyway, at 2.15pm today, we went to Lot 1 to eat lunch with my grandma. Haha, ordered a lot of Dim Sum from Food Junction, and we spent like about $20 on Dim Sum??!! Just on Dim Sum alone!! Anyway, I fel quite full, so I didn't really eat anything else, though my grandma tried to keep forcing down the food to my throat. Argh!!

After I reached home, I played Maple. Yay, I got myself another guild liao!! Hahaz, quit the last guild 'cos I thought the leader was not being fair to other guild members. But this time, my ex-guild member invited to join another guild, and I thought the leader wasn't as bad as the last. Haha, I persuaded the leader to let Hui En join the guild, and ya, so Hui En, must thank me!! =)) Haha, leveled up today. Yeah, so I'm officially level 39!! Woots!! Gonna take the ship to Ossyria once I finish getting my diamond ores from Melissa's brother!! Ossyria, here I come!! =)


Just changed my blogskin yesterday. I dunno why I suddenly felt like watching Winter Sonata again. I heard the theme song at Popular recently, and I just decided to change the skin to Winter Sonata. Hope veryone out there like it!! =) This was one of the shows that brought along the Korean Wave!! This is why Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo became internationally famous. Just because of this show...

Yes!! Finally!! The school holidays are here!! Woots!! =))) Today was the last day of Term 2, and starting from next term onwards, RVians will study at the SAJC site at Malan Road. Haha, received a lot of homework from the teachers, as usual. There is one very difficult Maths project which requires a lot of measurements of buildings. I think me and Hui En are going to have a hard time completing it!! Anyway, I have to rush through all my holiday homework because I'll be out of Singapore from 10-21 June. I'll be happily holidaying in New Zealand with my aunt!! =)

Haha, we had the Home Econs test today. Erm, what can I say about that? I thought that the questions asked were a little hard to comprehend, and I thought I wrote a lot of crap inside. Actually, my heart wasn't really with the test, but more with the coming holidays. I was wondering what interesting things I could do during that so-called 1-month holiday. Aiyah, forget about that.

After Home Econs, we had CID. Haiz, had to present our stuff in front of so many people. When Mr Ang called out Jennie's name, we were like "What the, why is it us?". Jennie told us to relax, but I think we screwed up the whole presentation. I think Jennie got kinda flustered too. She mixed up all the numbers >.<
We were dismissed at around 2.20pm for CCA, whih was rather late, because CCA starts at 2.30pm. Anyway, I didn't go for band today, because my mother thought that I shouldn't be tiring myself out by staying up till 7+pm. My neck still hurts quite a bit!! =(


Sorry for not posting for a long time. But I was in the hospital since Sunday, and I just only gotten back. Hmm, you may wonder why I was at NUH, well, I'll tell you. Please bear with the long and lengthy post.

Ever since the fall last Thursday, I've been suffering severe neck-ache ever since. On Sunday night, I suddenly lost the use of my left limbs, which means, I couldn't really move my left hand and leg. I was thus rushed to the A&E department of the hospital. The doctor said that I may have suffered temporary paralysis of the left side of my body. The X-Ray of my neck showed that my neck was very, very straight, which is not normal because a normal person's neck bone is supposed to be slightly curved. The doctor decided to admit me into the hospital for future observations.

My first night in the hospital was horrible. I couldn't sleep because of the intense pain, and further more, the bed was so hard and the pillow was high and hard. Doctors after doctors came to look at my condition, first, there came a young doctor, then a senior doctor, then after that a more senior doctor. In that night, I think more than 5 doctors came to see me. They kept using a soft hammer to knock on my joints, and they kept asking me to do some funny actions. All of them are different doctors, and yet, they kept asking me to do exactly the same actions. Finally, my doctor, who is a neurology specialist, diagnosed that the pain from my neck is caused by the swelling from the fall, and the swelling actually touched a nerve that controls the left side of my body. After that, they asked me to put on a neck brace, to restrict my movement of the neck. Moving it may cause the neck bone to be dislocated, and if the dislocated bone touches another nerve, I may be paralysed. I was also attached to some tubes, and the tubes contained medicine that helps reduce the swelling on my neck. The needle was then pierced through my right hand vein, and it was really painful...

The next morning, many specialists came to check on my condition. They were the nerve, bone, neurology and some other specialists whom I can't remember. On and off, the doctors and nurses came in to take my temperature and my blood pressure. Hospital food really sucks!! They tasted so yucky and sucky. Felt like puking when I saw those food. Anyway, the specialists thought that going for a MRI scan may be better for me, and with the MRI scan, they can see whether I've suffered any internal injuries or not. Going for the MRI scan was really scary. I was carried from my bed to the stretcher (At that time, I was almost bedridden), and then wheeled into the MRI room. The feeling it gives me was like as if I was going for an operation. As I laid on the stretcher, I could only see the lights zooming past me, and everything appeared blur to me.

After waiting for about like, 1 hour, I was in the MRI room. I had to be wheeled into a hole, and from there, the scan would take place. The noise that the machine made was deafening!! Even if my ear plugs and the ear muffs, I could still hear the machine's whirring very clearly!! After 15 minutes, I was out of the machine, haha, but I think I slept, because I was wondering why the scan took such a short time.

After I went back to the ward, my mother told me that Melissa and Si Lin came to visit me. Haha, I was very happy to see them, because I was really very bored, and I really missed school so much, beacuse staying in the hospital was really a mental torture for me. They brought me a card and flowers, and I'm really thankful for that!! Thank you!! =)) Anyway, for the Macbeth comic strip, I'm so sorry that I couldn't contribute much. I'm very sorry. =(

Anyway, at around 12 am, the doctor woke me up to say that the scan revealed no abnormalities, and I could be discharged in the afternoon. Indeed, the neck brace and the medicine did its wonder. Luckily I had no abnormalities, if not I'll have to go for an operation to correct it. That would be scary!! Anyway, I missed the doctors and nurses who took care of me during my stay in the hospital. You've made my day, and I'm thankful for it.

Before me and my mum left the hospital, we went to Du Yi bookshop, and we found many cheap and nice stuff in the store. We bought many things, and in all, we spent $71!! Wow, I'm on a shopping spree after my discharge.

Anyway, to cheer me up, my mum finally bought the Full House VCDs, Woots!! That really cheered me up!! I'm loving the show to bits!! Thank you, mum!! =))


Had school today. Aiyah, actually I didn't feel like coming to school, but for the sake of cooking my last dish for Mrs Tan, I came. I was so tired, really tired. I couldn't even hold my pen properly, and my handwriting was rather horrible today. Climbing the stairs to the Home Econs Kitchen was especially torturous for me. The flight of stairs that I once used to enjoy climbing had now become my enemy. I can't believe how weak I am. I used to be able to climb two flights of stairs in one go, but now, I have to stop every half a flight just to catch my breath.

Anyway, for Home Econs today, we had our practical test. We had to cook something with at least 1 herb and 1 spice, and Mrs Tan would give marks according to our hygiene and the taste of the food. Anyway, during this time, I totally forgot all about my weakness, until I nearly dropped the claypot cover on the floor. Luckily, I decided to put it down at the last minute. Mrs Tan commented that our food was very spicy, but not bad. She also said that we have the courage to cook rice, when the rest of the groups didn't think of doing that. Haha, then the rest came over to try the food, and said that it was rather delicious though spicy. After that, we went to other groups' tables and tried their food. Overall, I thought that everybody had put in their heart and soul into cooking the dishes. I must say that the dishes were delicious. Haha, and Sin Yee was so nice to give the whoe container of pasta to me. Thank you! =)

Then I dunno what happened. Just before band started, I started to feel a little weak and giddy, and my head was hurting terribly. I felt so sorry for dragging my friends down because we were already late, and yet, they had to wait for me to make sure I was alright. I decided not to blow my clarinet today, because Farah and Wen Hui commented that I looked quite pale and sick. Anyway, when I tried to blow it, my head would feel like exploding. That was indeed a horrible feeling.

Today for band, we were rehearsing our steps for the Balloon Hats Festival. Luckily I didn't force my myself to participate in the drills, or else I think I would have fainted!! We had to march 1.6km continuously, with the instruments. But I was also quite bored seeing them repeating the same steps over and over again, because I had no one to talk to, and I was in charge of taking care the tuner and the keys to the band room. I had no freedom to go wherever I wanted, so that was quite sad. Wen Hui say that I will be performing for the Festival, but hope that by then, I'll be well enough to march 4km in Sentosa, from one beach to another.


Today, during PE, while playing Captain's Ball, I fell backwards and yes, I did knock my head on the concrete floor. First, shock, then came the sharp searing pain on my head. Actually, I do not blame the 2F defender who was trying to get the ball away for me. Maybe we two were just too excited about the game, and in turn, she accidentally knocked me over. And then I fell backwards. I cried, because the pain was really unbearable. But surprisingly, I only sustained a superficial wound on my elbow. But that means that at least my elbow took some of the impact, and my head wasn't knocked as badly as it would. After that, I was escorted to the Sick Bay. Haha, thank you to those who came to visit me (sound like I'm in hospital) and asked how I was. Thank you very much for your care and concern!! =)

Mrs Yeow called my mother, and she came to pick me up at around 11.30am. Mrs Yeow advised my mother to bring me for a check-up at the clinic, just to make sure I was well. Alright, so this is the scary part. After reaching Choa Chu Kang, we went straight to the doctor, and ya,guess what the doctor said?? He said I may suffer internal brain injury, just that I have no bumps or swelling on my head because the symptoms haven't appeared yet. So he told my mother to keep an eye on me for 1 week. Here are the symptoms for internal brain injury.

1.Persistent Headache
2.Vomiting more than 5 times a day
4.Drowsy during the day time
5.Weakness of limbs
6.Double Vision
7. Unsteady gait (walk)
8.Abnormal behaviour
9. Fits or seizures

So far, I have already shown symptoms 3, 4, 5 and 7. If 1 and 2 appear, I'm a goner. I'll have to take a CT scan to scan for internal injuries, and my chances of getting internal brain injury is quite high, because 4 out of 9 symptoms have already appeared. Friends, if you notice any symptoms listed above in me, please send me to the A&E soon...climbing one flight of stairs is already very difficult for me, and now, I can hardly walk straight. And just now when I was talking on the phone with Hui En, both my hands can hardly hold the phone properly.

Now I'm just praying that symptoms 1 and 2 wouldn't show up within the 1 week observation period I'm given, or else I don't think I would be able to New Zealand anymore...why must this happen to me?? I better stop here, because my head is now throbbing with pain. I just hope I'll be give the all-clear sign soon. Can't imagine me being stuck to tubes and all sorts of weird machines in the hospital. I wanna be well enough to go New Zealand!! ='(


I thought everything today went quite smoothly. I was paying attention in every class except Chinese. Alright, for Chinese, Ms Li didn't teach anything, and just told the class to just read some crappy historical facts about China. Haiz, like I want to know about what happened to China in the ancient times. Anyway, Chinese lesson was very boring, and I just doodled on the pieces of papers that Ms Li handed out to us.

Then we had CID today. OK, we almost finished doing our report. Yay, just left our powerpoint presentation. Have to rush through it lah, got to hand in up by this Friday. Anyway, me, Hui En, Jennie and Yan Ting will have to buck up!! Hey gals, we must do a good job this time alright?

And the sad thing is, I'M NO LONGER GOING TO MALAYSIA!!ARGH!! All because of the stupid Balloon Hat Festival at Sentosa. Aiyah, my seniors say that performing at the Balloon Hat Festival is almost like performing in the SYF competition. Aiyah, at least I'm going for the Balloon Hat Festival, if I'm not going for the Malaysia trip and the Festival, I think I'm gonna kill myself, because I can't g to Malaysia because the Festival clashed with my trip. My band teacher had also told Mr Anthony Chan that I couldn't go for the trip. Oh, what a nice teacher Mr Wong is.

Today, we had combined practice and sectionals. I don't know why I'm exceptionally attentive these days. Usually, during band practices, I would really feel like nodding off, but today, I kept sitting up straight, and I didn't try to think of ways to slack either. Anyway, I thought band practice today was kinda fun. We also had sectionals for about an hour, and we concentrated on 2 pieces. But the sad thing is, there will be band tomorrow, because the leaders want to teach us the dance steps and the marching drills for the Festival. Haha, we have to mrach and play at the same time. It's gonna be a challenge to me, but yes, I'm willing to embrace new challenges...=)

Luckily I managed to get home on time to watch "Little Bride". I didn't missed any episodes, and today's episode was kinda funny too, as usual. OK, enough of blogging, bye!! =)


Yes!! I've finally finished watching Little Bride!! Recommend all of you guys out there to watch this show, which is now currently showing on Channel U, Mondays and Tuesday at 7pm!! This show is really hilarious!! You'll laugh like you never laugh before!! This show is sure to bring joy and luaghter to your households!! For those who know me, borrow the VCDs from me, my dear mum bought them!! Woots!!

Another is, my mum finally bought My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, after many people told her that the show recieved rave reviews in Korea, with viewer ratings shooting up to 50+%!! Anyway, I also persuaded her to buy it after the drink stall auntie in my school told me how much she loved that show!! Haha, my mum bought the VCDs at a discounted price of $23...cheap right? Korean shows are usually sold at $40+, and my mum would always wait till the price has dropped before buying them. My mother was also considering to buy Full House and Sad Love Story, but dunno why she didn't buy it in the end. Haha, that is so sad, but I hope that she would buy more Korean drama serials...my current obsession is watching Korean dramas!! =))


Weehee!! I just love today!! Haha, I went to Hui En's house to try cooking our Home Econs dish. Met her at Jurong East at around 10am, then we went to do some grocery shopping at NTUC (haha, since when did we become so "aunty" huh??). Haiz, had stomach-ache since I boarded the train from Choa Chu Kang. Dunno what's wrong with me. I know I feel sick when I always go to school, but this time, I should be enjoying myself, why the stomach-ache?? Haha, but shopping was quite fun, and we bought many other sweets and stuff. In all, we spent $15.15...haha, wanted to pay at first, but Hui En's mum was so kind, told me not to pay for anything, except for my kimchi, which was $3.

Haha, then finally, we reached Hui En's house, and my stomach-ache was gone...lol. Then we started to prepare all our ingredients and such. Haha, I tried to act pro like Chang Jin, but in the end, the garlic was splatted all over the place...lol. Then Hui En's mum taught us how to mince the garlic, and after adding in a few more ingredients, we simmered the stew over low fire for 10-15 minutes. Haha, we were so excited when our dish was finally ready, but ya, after eating it, my mouth was on fire!! The dish was extremely hot and spicy!! The first spoonful that I took was already enough to drive me mad lah, I was literally sticking out my tongue and trying to cool down myself. Luckily, on the way to Hui En's house, we stopped by 7-Eleven and got ourselves a giant slurppee...but that didn't help much!! =( Haha, but we thought that it was rather delicious, and even Hui En's mum said so too!! =)) Haha, I really admire the Koreans for being able to stand such hot and spicy dishes...they have a fiery tongue...lol

This soft beancurd stew certainly looks spicy...just look at the colour of the dish...=p

Haha, after finishing our report, me and Hui En played Maple. Jennie, thanks to us, you're now a level 8 Magician. Str:5 Dex:6 Int:38
Luk:11 And some day, you'll become a very pro Mage, more pro than us ok?? Must try to play more often ok?? Honestly, Jennie's character is more pro than any of us here when we were at her level. Anyway, after that, we played Hui En's character. Doink! She got killed by Lupin lah...aiyah...after that we went to Ant Tunnel to kill Horn and Zombie Mushrooms...got a little bored, so we switched to playing my character. Yay!! I rock!! Lol, Hui En was like, "Why you so pro?". Lol, I just love Lupins!! They gave me such a cute and adorable Lupin Doll!! I love it!! But haha, Hui En was playing my account when she found the Lupin Doll, so she "demanded" that I give her 1K...oh well...

Anyway, I shall end here for today, because I'm off to Mapling liao...bye!!


Haha, this is a little quiz that Jennie told me to take, and since I was THAT bored, well, so I decided to do it...yeps...just do it!! =)

Name 20 ppl you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the below questions before you write and tag 5 ppl to do this survey.
1. Jennie
2. Hui En
3. Zhi Yi
4. Farah
5. Natasha
6. Si Lin
7. Natasha
8. Melissa
9. Liang Shi Xian
10. Sin Yee
11. Wan Ting
12. Ser Ming
13. Lian Bing
14. Pei Xuan
15. Yan Ting
16. He Ling
17. Daphine
18. Jia Yi
19. Kai Zhen
20. Yi Kai

How did you meet 14?
Haha, Pei Xuan ah, she's in the same class as me lahh...
What would you do if you never met 1?
Jennie ah...hmm...maybe my school life wouldn't be as lively and crappy...haha, Jennie, you rock sia!! =)
What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
HUH??!! Liang Shi Xian and Yi Kai??!! Oh my goodness!! Yi Kai is only a Sec 1, and some more he is AP lor!! Shi Xian deserves someone better!! =))
Did you ever like 19?
You mean Kai Zhen ah?? Of course!! She's my dear junior lehh...got potential to excel in playing the clarinet too!! =)
Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
ERM...Si Lin and Daphine ah?? In the first place, do they even know each other??!! But haha, they're related (as in class) junior and senior lah, but I don't think Si Lin knows Daphine. Anyway, I don't think they're lesbians...hopefully not.
Describe 3.
Haha, Zhi Yi is a nice gal sia...but think she has a split personality lah...(not the bad side lah)...can be very crappy at times, but sometimes a little too quiet...heeheex =))
Do you think 8 is attractive?
Haha, Melissa ah?? Of course!! Erm...don't get the wrong idea, but I really think that she always have her own opinion, and willing to stand up for what's right, which is what makes her attractive...haha...=)
Tell me something about 7.
Haha, Natasha is one of the crappiest person I've met in my school life. Haha, really knows how to make people laugh, though some of her jokes are REALLY LAME!!
Do you know any of 12's family?
Erm... Ser Ming's family members ah?? Nope, I don't know, but who cares??
What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
Haha, so funny sia...Wan Ting coming up to me and say she likes me...haha...but anyway, if she says she like me, then I'll just reply, "Oh, okay, I like you too!!" Haha, lame right?
What language does 15 speak?
Huh??!! What language does Yan Ting speak??!! Of course human language lah right!!?? She's a very nice gal in my CID group leh...
Who is 9 going out with?
Erm...let's see who Liang Shi Xian is going out with...hmm...*thinking hard* Ah, yes, with Zhi Yi and her group of friends...lame...
How old is 16 now?
Hmm...He Ling should be 15 years old, or maybe 14-going-to 15...hahaz
When was the last time you talked to 13?
Hmm...just today...I'm just sitting besides him lah right??!! Don't except me not to talk to him, because I'll get very bored, with nobody else to talk to besides Wan Ting and Ser Ming...bleahx.
Who's 2 favourite band/singer?
Erm...Hui En seemed to like Im Se-hyeon's songs a lot, so I think that should be her favourite singer, at least for now lah...
Would you date 7?
Er, no, because I know she would date someone else...anyway, we're not lesbians!!
Is 15 single?
Of course Yan Ting is single. If she is dating someone, of course we'll know!! =)
What's 10's last name?
LAU Sin Yee...hahaz...another good friend of mine...=)
Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11?
Hmmm...with Wan Ting ah?? Erm...maybe not, because I'm already in a relationship with somebody else liao...haha...so sorry!! =p
What school does 3 go to?
What the hell, this question is so lame!! Of course Zhi Yi goes to River Valley lah!! I wouldn't have known her, if she didn't come to this school...lol.
Where does 6 live?
Heehee, I know. Si Lin lives at Choa Chu Kang (Yew Tee area)...
What's your favourite thing about 5?
Haha, she's so damn funny lor!! Anyway, Natasha, thanks for brightening up my life!! =))
Have you seen 1 naked?

Anyway, I will be tagging 5 people to do this: Hui En, Natasha, Melissa, Lian Bing and Ser Ming.


Aiyah, actually nothing interesting happened today, except that I played Maple. Haha, level 36 le, hope I can be level 38 by the end of this month. Yay!!

Actually, I had been level 36 for quite some time already, and my cold beam is level 17, but somehow or rather, I was still stuck to the fact that every cold beam shot would only deduct my MP by 12 points. But because I happened to be killing iron hogs, I was wondering why my MP went down so quickly when it only attacked me like, say, 50 HP?? Then I quickly ran out, and discovered that the freaking cold beam deducts my MP by 24 points!! This is downright stupid ok!! I was tricked!! ARGH!! Ok, no need to get so agitated over this dumb thing.

Haha, congrats to me...managed to take down 3 stone gollems in Henesys today. But Hui En died lah...also can understand why. The stone gollem attacked me 200+ HP...poor me...I nearly died lah, luckily I decided to quit the game at the final moment. Then I came back to the game and drank the white potion, and yeah, I managed to take down 3 stone gollems single-handedly, but with much difficulty. Woots!! An accomplishment for me!! Yay!! And ya, now I'm in the dungeon killing curse eye to get the title deed. Hope I can find it quickly...I'm going to play more of Maple liao...realised that many of my friends' levels are way above mine...gotta buck up liao...Okies, end of post liao. Bye!! =)


Heehee, saw some part of Little Bride at LaserFlair, another very funny and humorous Korean show. I just love it!! Going to ask my mum to get that set!! Hope she agrees to it, because she finds the show very funny too!! For those who don't know what I'm talking about, watch Little Bride on Mondays and Tuesdays on Channel U, 7pm!! This show is really worth watching!! You'll laugh like you never laugh before!! This show really rocks!! Haha, anyway, both TS and LaserFlair at Lot 1 were showing Dae Jang Geum on their TV screens. Well, let me just tell you the differences that both VCD shops have.
LaserFlair: Showing Dae Jang Geum TS: Showing Dae Jang Geum
on a LG LCD TV on a Samsung plasma TV
LaserFlair: Showing episode 44 of TS: Showing episode 44 of
Dae Jang Geum about Dae Jang Geum about 10 10 minutes slower than minutes faster than
TS LaserFlair
Lol, I'm mad to point out all the differences, but since I have nothing to do, might as well just do something. Lol. Anyway, as promised, I'll post the Dae Jang Geum behind-the-scene pictures on my blog. Happy viewing!! =))

Haha, Min Jung-ho with Jang-geum and his cute daughter. This is the scene when they finally returned to the palace after 8 years in exile. Haha. so it's a happy ending for this show!!

Director Lee Byung-hoon directing the actresses. Haha, can see Jang-geum, the Chief Lady, the Top Lady, Lady Han, Lady Min and Lady Choi in the background. =)

Haha, this is Im Hyun-sik, the actor who acted as the comical De Jiu Da Shu in Dae Jang Geum. He still looks as comical as he was in the show. Lol.

Lee Young-ae eating a lollipop. Oh my gosh, she really looks cute here!!

Yummy food!! But hands off, because this food is used for the scenes. So no eating!! =))

The palace ladies preparing "royal" hot coffee. Lol. =)

Actor Ji Jin-hee playing with the kids while resting. He looks cute here!! =)

Actor Im Ho carries a bundle for Lee Young-ae. How sweet!! =))

The King giving the =p look. How cute!!!!!!! =p

Kyun Mi-ri, who acted as Lady Choi, jokes with the light director of Stairways to Heaven. "Is this the kind of light they threw on Choi Ji-woo's face?" Lol, Kyun Mi-ri is so cute!! =)

Kyun Mi-ri (Lady Choi) and Yeo Woon-kye (Lady Jung) having a pleasant chat while the rest were acting.

Yang Mi-kyung (Lady Han) acting her last scene in episode 36. So sad...=(

Lee Young-ae had to cry a lot for this scene. Honestly, she was rather sad to see Yang Mi-kyung go...haha...

Yang Mi-kyung came back to Dae Jang Geum in episode 60+...can't tell you why...heeheex...too bad!!

Kyun Mi-ri (Lady Choi) and Park Jung-soo (Queen Mun-jeong) share some cookies during break...haha, the rest had to keep standing still and look after them...Lol. =)

Yang Mi-kyung advertising some plastic product. She is a household name in Korea and since the success of Dae Jang Geum, she is more popular now. =)

Director Lee Byung-hoon instructing Park Jung-soo (Queen Mun-jeong) and the Empress Dowager on what to do. Queen Mun-jeong look so cute here. She was giving the "huh" look. Anyway, this is her first time acting, and I think she did very well!! =)

Park Eun-hye (Queen Sook-won) using her camera to take a photo of her fellow actresses. Besides her are Lady Min and Ah Chang.

Haha, I'll post more pictures the next time...and also, I'll post the artistes' real life picture here too...happy waiting!! =))


Just added some more stuff I would like in my wishlist and linked some people. Go and check it out!!

Heehee, so happy that my father bought me a new thumbdrive. Yay, finally have my own thumbdrive. Last time I used to share a thumbdrive with my father, but since the USB port wasn't working that well, he decided to buy me a new one. Haha, it looks quite chic, and has 518MB. Cool, I can store all my songs inside!! Love my thumbdrive...(this girl is crazy lah...crazy over thumbdrive...)

Haha, like on any other Fridays, I enjoyed Home Econs very much. Today, we cooked spaghetti, and yup, it was delicious. Sadly, this would also be the last formal lesson that Mrs Tan was going to have with us, because now is already Week 7, and there wouldn't be any lessons on Week 8 because of Vesak Day, and on Week 9, we would have our practical test. On Week 10, we would be helping out to bring out the electrical appliances because we would be moving from Queensway to Malan Road. Haiz, this is really sad, because I really enjoy Home Econs. I don't want to attend computer lessons!! They are so boring!! I don't like the teacher, I only want Mrs Tan!! Argh...

Then had band today. At first, the practices we had were rather interesting, because we played "Winter Sonata". Woots, that song really rocks, because number one, this is a Korean song, and number two, the music is really very soothing to the ear. I love Winter Sonata!! No wonder people all around the world went crazy about this show and its leads, which are acted by Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo. But after awhile, we played the rock version of "Soran Funk", which in my opinion, wasn't as nice as the original version...so felt a little sleepy after that.

Worse thing was, there was sectionals, and we had them until 6.30pm. We were still practicing when the other CCA groups have already left for home. This is just not fair ok, and we practically slogged you know!! I really hate this!! I still love band, but only on Tuesdays. I really dread Fridays to come because I know I have to stay back till like 7.00pm, and I can only reach home at 8.00pm. And that also means I can only eat my dinner at around 8.10pm??!! From 2.00pm to 8.10pm, how long have I gone without food?? Please lah, everytime during sectionals, I will always hear my stomach grumbling lor...anyway, if anyone from band sees this, please revise the dismissal time for band on Fridays, 'cos we're already feeling so tired after a long day in school...surely we deserve some rest, don't we??


Actually, I don't feel like blogging today, but since I'm getting bored of finding information for the Mayan Civilisation, I will just post today.

Today's Effective Communication was kinda fun. We went through Macbeth as usual, but Mr Lee saw that we were kinda tired from the whole day's lessons, and you know what? Yes, he suggested us finding partners, and wanted us to give each other a massage. Wow. That was really nice!! =) I paired up with Wan Ting, haha, and I think I massaged her too hard until she couldn't take it. Haha, sorry!! Anyway, we went over to Sin Yee's side, and Sin Yee's massage was soothing. Heehee, next time Mr Lee should make us massage our partners more often. I love massages!! They really keep me awake!!

Haiz, ever since Lady Han died on Tuesday, I have been sort-of boycotting the show. Honestly, I still can't accept the fact that Lady Han has left Jang-geum for good. I really miss Lady Han a lot!! She is my favourite character. Actually, Jewel in the Palace was meant to be only 54 episodes, but because they extended the life of Lady Han due to fans' protests, the show became 70 episodes. So the script-writer decided to extend her life by like 20+ episodes, but I felt that it was really enough!! I want to see Lady Han till the end!! But ya, if the script-writer wanted people cry for Lady Han, she definitely did a good job, 'cos I cannot imagine thousands of people in Singapore watching the show crying for Lady Han. Haiz, never mind lah, this is only a show. Hope those watching will never stop watching even though Lady Han has died. Spoilers: Lady Han will appear at around episode 60+, because she wants to thank Jang-geum. Shan't reveal anymore!! =)


I quite enjoyed today's lessons, because found them very interesting. Assembly was fun and hilarious, and PDP followed after recess. We played this game called "Angels and Mortals", and we drew lots to see who would be our angel and mortal. The angel should treat the mortal they're assigned to very well, but the mortal cannot know who their angel is. After 2 weeks, the mortal should guess who their angel is, and if they can guess their angel correctly, that means that their angel have been treating them well. Haha, sounds like fun isn't it? Well, this game helps us to build our class bond, and since this is the last year we have together, why not just treasure it and live our lives happily.

Then at 2.45pm after school, we had to stay back for some crappy Science lessons which so so boring until I nearly slept. The AVA room was so damn cold, and I was freezing inside. Since I was feeling too cold, I didn't pay any much attention in class, but luckily Ms Tan didn't take much notice of the people sitting behind unless they were talking. Haha, so Ms Tan didn't catch me for not paying attention in class. Phew, I guess I was just so lucky. Haiz, think that I just merely wasted my time staying back for some crappy lesson.

Then I went home with a huge group of people, but dunno why we kinda disbanded. Maybe because the rest were walking too slowly, and we were too impatient to wait for them. Then when they finally reached the MRT station, they missed us 'cos they went to the other end of the station. Well, just too bad. In the end, only me, Natasha, Sin Yee, Wan Ting and Zhi Jun were left in the group. Can you believe it?? We stepped out of the school gates with like, more than 15 people walking together, and in the end, we were reduced to a group of 5. Haiz, so pathetic. Anyway, dunno why Hao Yu was so engrossed in reading Macbeth. What's so nice about that Literature text?? And some more, he took away my book and refused to return it to me until Natasha managed to kick his legs and snatch my book from him. Haha, thanks Nat. Then when we alighted at Choa Chu Kang MRT station, we went to Lot 1 for a short (extremely short) shopping trip. Actually, we just wanted to go to the toilets there, but dunno why we ended up at Ya Kun's Kaya Toast. Then Zhi Jun and Sin Yee went to buy bubble tea, while me and Natasha went to buy the Ya Kun Toast. Hmm...I bought 2 slices of the butter sugar toast which tasted like heaven, and Natasha bought some ice-cream toast which looked nice. Lol, then when we wanted to go home, we met Zheng Yang and Ser Ming. When they saw us holding the Ya Kun paper bag, they sort-of went mad, and were like rushing to Lot 1 just to buy the toasts.
Diaoz -_-'''

Haha, going to talk about yesterday's da chang jin episode. It was so touching can...Lady Han "confessed" to the crime of treason she was accused of (that was a conspiracy planned by Lady Choi), but she confessed so that she could save Jang-geum from execution. So touching can, I saw Lady Han pleading with the investigator-in-charge to push all the blame on her, and that Jang-geum was innocent. I was so touched, ok?? At that point of time, I really felt like crying, but I controlled myself, otherwise my mother would think I was mad.

After Lady Han and Jang-geum were exiled to Jeju Island, Lady Han kept fainting on the way, and in the end, Jang-geum volunteered to carry her on her back. That was REALLY TOUCHING!! It really reminded me of the scene in Autumn in my Heart (another Korean weepie that made people go gaga over Song Hye-gyo). The male lead was carrying the female lead who was stricken with cancer on his back, and the female lead also passed away peacefully on his back. That scene really made me cry. I can't believe that about 4 years later, I'm seeing the same scene happening right before my eyes again. And guess what? Yes, I cried, really hard!! After reliving their past memories, Lady Han used her last breath to tell Jang-geum not to give up, and with that, she passed away peacefully on Jang-geum's back. Lady Han, why did you have to leave Jang-geum?? Not only did you shatter Jang-geum's heart, you shattered mine too!! I cried so hard for you!! Why did you have to go...why did you have to make your fans so shattered...When I saw Jang-geum carrying the dying Lady Han on her back, I just burst into tears!! ='( LADY CHOI!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!! YOU JUST DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO EXPOSE YOUR PAST CRIMES, AND YOU PUSHED ALL THE FREAKING BLAME TO THE PERSON WHO WAS ONCE YOUR BEST FRIEND!! (If you all didn't know, Lady Choi, Lady Han and Jang-geum's mum were once best friends) IS THIS THE WAY YOU TREAT YOUR FRIENDS!!?? YOU DIDN'T WANT TO PUSH THE BLAME TO LADY HAN, YOU DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT, BUT BECAUSE OF YOUR FREAKING FAMILY TRADITIONS, YOU'LL WILLING TO SACRIFICE YOUR FRIENDS...Well, at least Lady Choi did look like she's gonna cry when Lady Han and Jang-geum were exiled to Jeju Island. Lady Han died for you, the freaking bitch to succeed the Top Lady position...you lost both of your friends, just because of your stupid family traditions and to quench your thirst for fame and wealth...but in the end, what happened?? You still came to a very pathetic end...haiz, you're really pathetic, Lady Choi...your life is just full of suspicion and misery...HAIZ...

Anyway, I'm not really surprised with myself crying for Lady Han. Korean dramas are famous for their tragic storyline, which touched and moved many people to tears in other parts of the world. This is not the first Korean show I've cried in. I've cried in Autumn in my Heart...for the female lead...haha, the Korean artistes can give Singaporean artistes a run for their money, because they really act much better than our local artistes. In my memory, I don't think I've cried while watching any locally produced shows, but one thing for sure is, I do cry while watching Korean shows, because their storyline really touched my heart...Koreans are really great story-tellers!! =) I HAIL KOREAN SHOWS!! =)