I just love today's BBQ!! I enjoyed myself very, very much!! Got the chance to bond with my cousins, but actually, my aunt organised this BBQ because she wanted to welcome our relatives from Hong Kong. Haha, when I first stepped into The Warren, my grandmother saw me and dragged me, Ying Ling, Hsien (my cousins) and his wife to see the Hong Kong relatives, who were in my grandmother's house watching TV. Wadde, my grandmother had this very huge 42-inch plasma TV, I'm so jealous...anyway, I was forced to speak in Cantonese by my grandmother, because my grandaunt and granduncle couldn't speak Chinese. Haha, fortunately, they could understand what I was trying to say. Hmm...my granduncle was rather kind to us lah, gave each of us $50 each...how nice!! =) Then after that, we went down to help with the preparations. Here are some of the pictures that I took from the BBQ.

From left: Me, my sister and Ruth
This picture is taken in the jacuzzi.

One of my relatives from Hong Kong.

My uncle helping with the BBQ pit. Anyway, whose hand is that??

My aunties helping out with the preparations. Look, there's so much food!! =)

The one in white is my cousin, Ruth. The one in pink is me of course!! But I looked wet 'cos Wesley splashed some water at me. Got home wet lah right, all thanks to him...

Hee, my mum and sister helping out...

My sister and Ruth...haha, this was taken against a very nice backdrop, but for some reasons, I can only see a tree trunk there...lol.

From left to right: My 2nd aunt, my grandaunt, my granduncle (both are Hong Kongers) and my 5th aunt.

Haha, we're roasting sotong balls here...dunno whose hand that is though...must be one of my aunts'...

Wesley and Ruth. Both of them are my dearest cousins, and we had a lot of fun together!! Both are in Primary 4 now...

From left: My 1st aunt, whom I will be going to New Zealand with, Ruth, and my aunt from Hong Kong (she did come to Singapore many times, and I used to keep in touch with her daughters until Primary 6.)

Haha, Ying Ling, another dearie cousin of mine. A very clever girl who used to be in RGS. Currently studying in university.

Haha, enough for today!! It's already 11.20pm, and I spent so much time loading these pictures on my blog. Gosh, I really feel very tired, but nevertheless, i really enjoyed the BBQ very much. Anyway, I'm confirm going to New Zealand with my 1st and 2nd aunt. Gonna visit Auckland and some other places. My cousins, Ying Ling and Hsien told me to try some other weird stuff with weird names, but well, when I go there, I'll know what to try. I'm really looking forward to my trip to New Zealand. But I think I'll have to give Dae Jang Geum a miss, cos 2 days after my trip to Malaysia, I'll be leaving for New Zealand. Haha, will miss you guys, and I'll promise to get some souveniers!! =))


Yay!! This is my 50th post!! I'm so happy!! My blog is officially 50 -posts old. Lol. Anyway, I just love today's lessons!! Not at all boring, we were allowed to do anything during Chinese lesson, because Ms Li didn't come today. After finishing my Chinese composition, I went on the fold the paper lotus flowers. Seriously, I think I'm addicted to folding these kind of flowers, also dunno why.

Then we had Home Econs today. I love today's lesson (OK, I practically love every Home Econs lessons right?? Mrs Tan is soo cute!!) because we made swiss rolls that were exceptionally delicious, and made home-made barley drink. Yummy!! Haha, I left some for my family members, and hopefully, they say they like it. Haiz, but the bad thing is, we have to do an assignment, which is to create any types of dishes using spices and herbs. To all Dae Jang Geum fans, I know this sounds like the Royal Cooking Competition, and I'm seriously thinking of watching Dae Jang Geum all over again to see what dishes they made. This is the reason why I love Home Econs soo much!! =)

Then after CID today, we had band practice. Aiyah, we just had sectionals for awhile only, and after that, we were dismissed at 3.50pm!! How early can that get??!! I think they just wanted band practice because they know some people never bring back their instrument to practice, so they sort-of organised this sectional practices. But too bad I can't blow my clarinet properly, because my mouth had these two irritating ulcers which were hurting like hell whenever I exerted pressure onto my mouth, and also when I'm drinking water. Haiz, hope my ulcers can vanish from the face of this earth.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Monday is Labour Day, which is a very very well deserve break for us students. I've been slogging like hell every morning, and waking up at 6am is a great torture to me. Dismissing from school at around 3pm is also killing, and I nearly collapsed when I have to stay back till very late. Going to school has become a very boring routine to me, and that really taked the joy out of life!! I really hate school!! The crazy teachers also piled us with tons of assignments for us to do during the holiday. What a holiday...=(

Anyway, Jang-geum and Lady Han acknowledged each other. I was so happy for them, and I could feel myself smiling and nodding in contentment (like the typical court lady) for them. The background music played was so damn nice and touching, and another thing is, this is a tearful reunion for the both of them. Actually, Jang-geum and Lady Han's characters drew my attention, because I was very touched by the unconditional love they had for each other. The mentor-student love. For example, when Jang-geum lost her sense of taste, Lady Han encouraged her not to give up finding for a cure. When Lady Han was boycotted by the rest of the ladies, Jang-geum also encouraged her not to submit to Lady Choi. These two people are not related by blood, but they are just like mother and daughter. And I'm sad to say that Lady Han will leave Jang-geum in episode 36, but prior to her death, they shared a moment with each other before she died, and this scene, is one of the most touching scenes I've ever watched on TV. This scene will have you moved to tears...be prepared for more tissues...I really cried very hard when Lady Han left Jang-geum...I'll elaborate more next Tuesday, when Lady Han and Jang-geum are exiled to Jeju Island.


Erm...today went quite well, nothing bad happened, I think. Anyway, I had fun doing origami, which was to fold a piece of lotus flower for some whatever charity stuff. Each class have to submit 2000 pieces, and ya, I've already finished folding 22 in school. =) I love origami!! =)

Then today, for assembly, Dr William Tan came to our school to give us a talk. For those who don't know him, he was the paralysed man who broke the world record by running 7 marathons in 7 continents in 70 hours. Then we were all cheering madly for him. I personally admired him for his strong-willed determination, and I think I benefitted from this assembly. He had inspirational posters selling for $5 each, but I was too broke to buy it, so too bad.

Then we had to stay back from 2.30pm to 4.50pm for the Science presentation. Haiz, actually we were the third group, then because the first 2 groups cannot present today, we ended up being the first group. We had cold hands (not feet lah), and I dunno whether I did well or not, because this presentation would be graded. But I thought being the first group to present was also quite a good thing, because that means that we don't have to stay back tomorrow, and we would also captivate the audiences' attention better. I think after like about 3 presentations, the class got very bored, and I could see many people putting their heads on the table. Guess the presentations bored them too much. The presentations did bore me, and I didn't listen to any presentations except the first 3 groups. Then me and twinnie ended up talking about MapleStory. Haiz, maybe Ms Tan should limit the number of presentations, because we also have a limit to our enthusiasm.

Oh ya, I saw one video which really freaked me out!! Someone really went mad about MapleStory!! He was so angry at being KSed that he vented his anger on the computer, and his keyboard buttons were like, dropping out??!! Actually, yesterday, Lian Bing told me to check out the website, but I totally forgot about it until Melissa told me to check it out on MSN, haha, and I really freaked out at seeing this video!! Well, click here to view the video...gosh, mapling can really turn violent...hope I don't become like him, but I admit I'm not as crazy as him over MapleStory...I'm still sane!! =)


Today, I sat for the New South Wales Science competition. Alright, the questions were rather okay, but they tested us on some cheem chemistry stuff which the teachers haven't taught us yet. That was quite sad, but never mind, it's just a competition, and that wouldn't be counted towards our SA marks. Haha, I had no CCA again!! So happy!! Could go home early. Since I have nothing to do, I think I'm going to post the lyrics for "Onara", the theme song of Dae Jang Geum. People have been asking me for the original lyrics, but my Korean pronounciation isn't that good, so I'll post it here. This is the original Korean version of the song. I find it very innovative and cute. Who would have thought of getting 3 kids to sing the theme song of this mega-hit drama?? Click here to hear the song.

Here are the lyrics:
o na ra o na ra a joo o na
ga da ra ga da ra a joo ga da
na na ni da ryo do mod noo na ni
a ni ri a ni ri a ni mo nei
hei i ya di i ya hei ya na ra ni no
o ji do mod ha ma da ryo ga ma

Simple as it is, but this song took the whole of Asia by storm when it was played. This song is really a refreshing change from the usual adult fare. This shows that children also have the chance to make it big.


Haiz...how I hate today!! Today's lessons all all so damn boring until I feel like sleeping, and there are so many homework for me to complete within a day!! ARGH!! There are Language Arts homework (something about answering questions in the Macbeth text), Chinese composition (write about some meaningful trip...total crap), Maths Assignment 4 (haiz...probability AGAIN!! Do until I'm so sick and tired of it!! And the probability of me not getting homework tomorrow is 0!!) and Geography worksheet which is about Singapore's tourism stuff. Like I care about this lor!! So far, I'v finished my Language Arts and Maths homework, and I intend to do my Chinese composition after dinner. As for Geography, I think I'm going to "hack care" it!! Haha, I'm a bad girl, but doing homework really takes the joy out of life...haiz...how I wish I don't have to attend school...really looking forward to the June holidays!!


I just got this very good quote from the MediaCorp forums...I totally agree with what this person has said.

"Lady Jung is right. The palace is a place of oppression, a place that is lonely, in all its grandeur. And it is because of this loneliness that people become jealous, and suspicious of one another- they waste their lives seeking after wealth and power because they do not realise that all they need is one thing - love.

Sometimes they are caught so deep in this viscious cycle that they shield themselves from the truth. They become insecure. They detach themselves from anyone who challenges their notions. And very often their pride is involved too. Love was what Geum Young (Jinying) needed. And though it is still unjustifiable that she consciously submitted herself to the oppression and superficiality of her family traditions, I cannot help but feel sorry for her. I had a deep liking for her character as a child - cheery, helpful - a child who worked hard to attain nothing else but the best of skills. And when she became a so-called 'antagonist', I could not accept it; I kept asking why. My mother and my sister thought I was silly, but I never wanted to believe she was 'bad'. No one, by nature, is 'evil'. As much as my heart breaks each time I see one of the protagonists being hurt, I cannot hate the ones who hurt them. I can only hate what they do.

If you have watched the first episode, you may remember Lady Choi when she was younger. An introverted, dedicated young girl who never wanted to do harm. Dae Jang Geum is far from being an idealistic show. I love it because it reflects on the society's past and present, as well as human nature, in a most profound yet comprehensible way. But it will leave any audience deeply disturbed and saddened. Any audience who is conscience of this side of society, the matrix we have locked ourselves in - and is ready to make a change. Because many of us will laugh it off, or tell ourselves to face what is realistic and forget what isn't. But really, what is eternal, and what is merely transient?

Just look at the competitiveness in our society. Do we always wish well of others? Why do we need to be the best, why do we need all that recognition? Would it alleviate this loneliness and hunger for love? What would our hearts tell us if we dared to listen? Prior to watching Dae Jang Geum on Channel U, I have watched it once, twice on DVD. But the past two episodes still burns me with pain, fresh and raw. The pain of watching this scheming against the ones who are still struggling to hold on to their principles, who will not succumb. "The imperial kitchen is a place where food for human consumption is prepared, not a place where wealth and power is attained." Lady Jung is a wonderful leader. I could also hear myself answering "Yes, Madam" along with Jang-geum when her last words to her was not to let Lady Han succumb. And the tears just flow each time I think of the way Lady Han, Myeong-yi and Lady Choi used to be very good friends. Innocent and pure, these little girls entered the palace together. Poor Lady Han. Just imagine the trauma of having to participate in the execution of her closest friend when she was young. It left her very much isolated from others. It frightened her and scarred her.

The palace represents our society. There are the strong ones who stay true to what they believe in. And there are the weaker ones who prefer to stay with the crowd. And Daejanggeum is so touching, its ratings so high and people can get addicted because everyone is able to relate to it. Because we are part of it, people searching for ourselves in a disillusioned world. We are addicted to the message of hope behind the show, because we have so often been told otherwise."

Alright, end of the quote. This show really reflects the harsh reality of today's society. End of post.

Thank goodness!


Today, I had my health screening, and I was so relieved that I had no problem with my backbone. Dunno why my mum always say that my backbone have problem, she's been saying that since I was young, but since I was P5, the nurse had said that there was nothing wrong with me!! And because of the health screening, I had a late recess...how nice.

Then today, for Home Econs, we baked sardine rolls and made the Bandung drink. I thought my bandung drink was quite milky, and many people commented that was quite nice. I tried twinnie's one, and I thought that hers was too bland. Lol, aspiring to be a food critic, and I still thought that mine was nicer...heehee, I rock!! Haha, but I didn't really enjoy the sardine rolls, because I thought it was too dry. Never mind, at least there was still food to eat.

Then after CID, I went straight home, but in my haste, I left behind my apron. I only realised it when I was about to board the Bus 300. Luckily, twinnie rescued my beautiful bag with my apron and promised to return me on Monday. Haiz, how forgetful can I can?? Anyway, I can watch da chang jin today!! SO HAPPY!! OK, when my mum decided to ban me from watching that show, I threw my tandrums at her and I cried to sleep. This, is my so-called Dae Jang Geum Withdrawal Symdrome . Even though I've watched this show many times during the holidays, I was severely addicted to this show!! Even Stairways to Heaven didn't get me this hooked, and I thought that when I watched that show in 2004 3 times, I thought that was a lot. But guess what?? I've watched da chang jin so many times until I've lost track of it. But today, I presuaded her to let me watch, and since today was the last day of school for the week, she decided to make this an exception.

Anyway, yesterday's episode was so sad. Lady Jung is gonna leave the palace, and leaves Lady Han in charge. But Lady Choi bribed all the other ladies, and told them not to listen to Lady Han. I think I'm gonna cry today, because Lady Jung is dying soon, and Lady Han will be very sad because the rest of the ladies boycott her. Lady Choi, I really hate you a lot!! Why must you sabotage someone who didn't do anything wrong, and why must you harm Lady Jung. You have no conscience AT ALL!! I HATE YOU!!!!!! Not only that, later, you're gonna harm Jang-geum and Lady Han!! Why must you do this?? Doesn't this pain you ?? Of course it doesn't, because you're someone with no heart at all!! Alright, shall stop here for today, because I'm getting quite worked up!! Oh gosh, this show has really affected my moods. I feel so streesed for the good characters in the show who are harmed by Lady Choi. Aiyah, girl ah, why are you so emotional?? This is only a show, not for real!! But the fact is, this show really portrays the harsh reality of life...


I love today!! I got back my progress report, and I was quite surprised that I managed to get a B4 for Geography. And overall, I got 2As, and a overall percentage of 65%!! I was kinda surprised by my Geography marks...Woots!! Happy with my results, though I thought I could have done better.

After school, me, Hui En, Melissa, Si Lin and Natasha went to Jurong Entertainment Centre to eat lunch at KFC. We had NAPFA at 4.30pm, and since it was such a long way to go, we decided to go shopping (ok, not really lah). After lunch, we took NeoPrints at Pretty Pix. I just love the NeoPrints!! They were so nice and beautiful!! =)) But they were quite expensive...had to pay $8 per shot!! Ya, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we almost forgot about the time. The NeoPrints also took a very long time to develop, and we had to practically run all the way to school.

Then we had NAPFA. I thought everything went quite well. I finally did 20 inclined pull-ups!! Yay!! An A grade!! I think I got a Gold for NAPFA!! Woots!! So happy, but I hope that when the results are back, I don't get another pathetic Silver. Yay, me and twinnie will get the Gold. Muahahaha!! And ya, I love my twinnie and darling too!! You two rock too!! =))

School again...


I had the CCA photo-taking shoot today, and it was so damn fun!! I love it!! Though I sweated quite a lot (mind you, we were wearing two long-sleeve shirt and jacket) while waiting for band's turn to take the photos, we had fun cracking jokes and fooling around. Claire and Shi Xian were trying to be lesbians and were dancing together, but I thought their dancing was quite good leh. Even though it was raining cats and dogs, we sweated like hell because we changed into our formal uniform at 2.30pm, and we had to wait until 3.10pm to have our shots taken. Too bad I didn't get to stand together with my darling Jennie, but never mind, at least I stood with Claire and Farah. Yay!! Got to stand with my own section, and when it was the fun shot, the whole section gathered together and yeah, we were so united!! I love the fun shot!!!

Then we could actually go home early since the we were having our exam break (aiyah, actually not us lah, just the Sec 3s and 4s; seniors, yao4 jia1 you2 wo!!!), but we had to take the Sec 1s for sectionals since their cranky tutor wasn't here today (the Mr Ng Hoe lah, talk so much crap lor), and I took Li Hua for today. Haiz, she have the talent to play the clarinet, and I thought she was quite good for a Sec 1. She knows her chromatic scale and her Bb major scale well enough, though she fumbles over them at times. Never mind, all juniors in band, continue to work hard okay??

Then today, I told my mother all my term assessment results. I was expecting a scolding, but somehow or rather, the whole process was rather hilarious. Alright, I could tell that she wasn't as angry as I expected to be. Maybe I told her the last time to prepare for the worst, because I had a feeling that I would fail both my Maths and my Geography, but in the end, I didn't, so I think she was sort of relieved that I didn't fail any subjects. Anyway, about the hilarious part, she jokingly scolded me for being so careless in my Maths (alright, I admit that I was rather careless, if not I can get 5 more marks, which is 77!!), and she say I getting old liao, still cannot read the table properly. Lol, I think she was kinda satisfied with my results, but I'm not satisfied, cos I didn't get the 3As I wanted. =( Never mind, I shall work hard the my end-of-year exam papers!! Girl, hang tough!! =))


I just love today!! The teachers forgot that we had changed to a new time-table, so we had a lot of free time to ourselves!! Yay!! And I'm so happy that I managed to secure an A grade for my English paper!! Woots!! I'm over the moon now!! Lalala, I managed to get 2 As from this term assesment. Though my initial target was to get 3 As, but I'm still quite happy with myself for getting 2 As. Yay, 2 out of 5 subjects had an A grade, and I didn't fail any paper, not even my geography!! Woots!! Oh ya, I must congratulate Melissa for getting the top marks for English!! Yay, Melissa, continue to work hard!! =)

Tomorrow will be band's photo-taking!! Looking forward to it, cos I can get to be with my dear klarinutter friends!! Guys, I miss you so much!! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!! Clarinets shall rock the whole world!! =))


Yay!! I finally downloaded the mega huge 382 MB game of MapleStory, in a record time of 20 minutes!! Woots!! Starhub MaxOnline is indeed fast!! Alright, I've been playing Maple since last year, but because my computer went bonkers, so I decided not to download it anymore. But since I had nothing to do today, I decided to go to the MapleSEA website to check out new things. After downloading the game, the first person I saw online was Hui En!! =) And then she asked me to fame her, and I did, and in return, she famed me back!! How nice!! =) Yay, so now my fame is 46 le!! Then I accepted one stupid quest which only gave me 6000 exp after I've completed it. Thank you!! No items or anything. Just 6000 exp. Haiz...but never mind, still better then nothing. But Hui En was nice enough to help me hunt for those itmes!! Thank you!! When I am level 40, I will go to Ossyria, and I'll bring my MSN twinnie along. So long!! =)


Yay!! I'm so happy, because I managed to secure a copy of this week's i-weekly, with Lee Young-ae on the cover page. I was so happy to see my favourite star on the cover page, and some more she was so pretty in that picture. Lee Young-ae is now very popular with Singaporeans, because of her lead role in Dae Jang Geum. Even my piano teacher who doesn't watch Korean shows is addicted to this show, saying that this show is a refreshing change from the usual local productions with crappy storylines. Besides that, she volunteered to send me a cuter version of the da chang jin theme song, and ya, I've received it. Thank you!! =)

Anyway, I went to Ya Kun with my mum and sis to eat the bread toast there. I ordered the butter and sugar toast, and it was quite nice, but it cost $1.70. I asked my mum to order more, but she said it was not cheap. After eating the toast, we went straight to Food Junction. Hee, I wanted to order the Korean food from that Korean stall, but I didn't know so many people caught the da chang jin fever. I wanted for 10 minutes JUST to place my orders!! Can't believe that the queue extended all the way to the Western food store. In the end, I bought a bowl of Ramen because I was too hungry to wait for another barbeque chicken hot plate.

After that, I went to Popular and haha, Popular also caught the Korean fever liao.When I went in, I heard some Korean songs from old drama serials being played, and there was one plasma TV showing "Lovers in Paris", which is another Korean show. Popular must be mad to dig out all the old drama serials theme songs, but that only proves that the Korean wave is really catching on in Singapore!! Then I went to TS video shop, and lo and behold, they were showing the later scenes of da chang jin on the plasma TV. Many people crowded around that area, but sadly, I didn't get to watch most of it, because so many people were blocking me. But I am glad to know that many people are enjoying this Korean show, and those who think that this show is another crappy production by MBC, you are wrong. Korean drama serials are much better than local productions!! =)


Yay. I'm kind of happy today, because today is Good Friday, and ya, so there is NO SCHOOL!!! Woots!! I felt so free, because one thing is, I did not have to wake up at 6am just to go to school. Anyway, I had such a good night, because I watched da chang jin last night. Usually on a normal school day, I'm not allowed to watch my beloved da chang jin because the show ends at 11pm. I slept at 12.30am yesterday, and woke up at 10.30am today. Never had such a good night sleep for a very long time, so that's why I woke up so late. How I wish I never have to wake up at 6am again, and never have to go schooling again.

Then felt quite sick after lunch. As usual, it's my runny nose problem. After taking my medicine, I felt so sleepy, and some more it was raining so heavily, it made me feel worse. My parents and sister decided to go out and because I was so sick, I decided to stay at home and rest. And guess what? I slept from 3pm to 7.15pm, and woke up just in time to eat dinner. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight, because I slept too much during the day. Never mind, this is good for me, because I can stay up later to watch da chang jin and some Friday midnight movie. Ok, that's it for today. Bye.


I really can't face the reality, because it's too much for me to bear. I really cannot accept this...no, never...my common tests results are totally freaky, and I can't bear to see the disappointment on both my parents' faces. I really feel like running away from the harsh reality of this world, but I know that reality will still follow me like a stupid, irritating shadow. I'm only hanging on for the sake of watching good TV dramas and going to my dream country, Korea. If not for all these, I think I would have collapsed long ago. Dae Jang Geum has given me the motivation to persevere in whatever I do, so this time round, I'll never let the test results get the better of me!! NEVER!!!

Got back all except one of my common test papers. I'm so disappointed with my Chinese, Science and Geography papers. The only paper I was satisfied with is my Maths, for which I got 80 marks after moderation. Haha, I love my Science teacher. She told the class that the school didn't like the idea of us getting standardised marks, and so, nothing would be done to pull up our marks. Drats, I hope that that wouldn't apply to the other papers, if not, I would be really dead, and my dear A1 for Maths would be gone too. Anyway, I got back my Geography paper today, and guess what?? I PASSED!!! I thought I would fail badly for this paper since I couldn't answer most of the questions properly. After seeing my marks, I was like, "Phew, luckily I passed!!". Sadly, not many people passed this paper, and ya, Mr Phoon did mention that the whole level did very badly. Hopefully, there would be some moderation made, and with that, I hope that I could get at least a B grade for my Geography paper.

Then after school today, Hui En asked me whether I wanted to go Holland Village with her to eat nasi lemak. But I declined since I wasn't in the mood and I didn't want to walk all the way to Buona Vista just to eat nasi lemak. Hui En did mention that BreadTalk had started selling da chang jin bread. When I heard about it, I was like =.='''. So after getting off the train at Choa Chu Kang, I decided to go to Lot 1 to see the da chang jin bread. True enough, there was a life-sized poster of some people supposedly to be Jang-geum and Min Jung-ho, and they were advertising the bread inspired by the hallyu. Then out of curiosity, I walked into BreadTalk and started looking around for the bread. The cashier must have kept looking for me because I walked around the shop 3 times and I couldn't find the bread. I decided to take a Smart Alex so that the cashier wouldn't suspect me of loitering around the shop. Finally, I located the bread at the counter (silly me, I didn't think of the counter!!) and as there were samples, I decided to give it a try. Wow, the bread is actually a mixture of French loaf and the Korean side-dsh kimchi (okay, this is the first time I tasted bread this HOT!!). It tasted so nice that I took 3 bites (okay, I'm greedy!! =)), then since the previous customer had left, I decided to pay up for my Smart Alex. The Korean bread cost $1.40, and with that, anybody can purchase a small serving of kimchi for $1, which is rather cheap, because Food Culture sells kimchi at $3 per (small) container. Then BreadTalk was playing some Korean songs some more...really adds to the atmosphere. With that, I decided to go home. On my way out of Lot 1, I passed by Giordano, and guess what, they're playing Korean songs and I overheard somebody saying that some brand-name shops may start importing in hanboks liao (how are Singaporeans in hanboks going to survive?? Will be sweating like hell lor, unless in an air-conditioned room...may be asking the Korean tenants of my parents' to lend me their dresses)...You may be thinking, is the Korean wave really that strong? My answer to you is, a definite YES!!! =)


Haha, I'm happy to note that more people are embracing the Korean pop culture, or rather, the hallyu. Overheard some people on the bus talking about the latest Korean shows, the movies and the music. Honestly, music plays a very important role in the Korean TV series. Good music may also leave the audience with a very good impression. Even though the songs are in Korean, and I don't understand a single thing, but I really admire the singers for being able to portray their emotions into the song. When they sing a sad song, I can really feel the sadness in the song, and the songs usually touch my heart. For example, the music and songs in Jewel In The Palace have a very deep impression on me, because of the sadness and longing the singers have put into their songs. A big round of applause to Im Se-hyeon for composing the music in Dae Jang Geum. Her music really reaches out to the people's hearts, and she is really versatile in composing music. She composed the grand palace music, and I really felt very refreshed after hearing it. She also composed the sad song, and this also made me feel kind of sad when I listened to it. Dynamic Korea. Indeed, Korea has lived up to her name, of being truly dynamic. Im Se-hyeon, I thank you for bringing joy to my life!!

Good news for all Lee Young-ae fans!! Lee Young-ae will be coming to Singapore on the 17 April, to promote her LG products. But sadly for me, I have school on the 17, which is a freaking Monday, so too bad for those who are still schooling. Damn it! First Mediacorp broadcast Dae Jang Geum at such a late time, so late that students don't get the chance to watch, then now, Lee Young-ae will only be coming on Monday. How unfair can life get huh?? I missed Lee Young-ae the first time she came, and now, she will only be coming on a school day. Hope that she'll stay for at least a week, and hold some autograph-signing session at IMM. Oh my, I think I better go before I scold the F word again.


Today was the last day the Thai students were going to be with us. Today, for Home Econs, we fried some Thai noodles called Phat Thai. Yummy!! I love it!! It was soo delicious!! =) But the process of cooking it properly was kind of tricky, and I had to keep going round, asking people which ingredient to put in first or last. But at last, me and Gary managed to get it right, and he attempted to make the omelette noodle. Yay!! He succeeded, but with Mrs Warangsu's (the Thai teacher) help of course!! Haiz...I think I'm gonna miss Mrs Warangsu, Ms Waruni and the male teacher (forgot his name). I spent 3 of my Home Econs lessons learning how to cook Thai cuisines, and I enjoyed it very much. Mrs Warangsu could be quite cute at times, and I always like her "kindly" look. Then today for Home Econs, Mrs Tan kept asking us to taste our Phat Thai, but I was mumbling to Hui En that Lady Han told Jang-geum not to taste any food, because tasting the food ruins the flavour. In the end, I didn't know whose advice I should heed, so I heeded Mrs Tan's advice, though I really wanted to follow Jang-geum's footsteps. Sorry Lady Han, the food was too tempting to resist!! =p

Then I had band today. There was no practice today, but instead, we played some games like "Captain's Ball". Mr Wong said that our band's discipline was not as good as before, and claimed that most of us have AP (attitude problem lah...I don't think I have AP lor), and with the SYF competition just next year, he said we should really pull up our socks and change our "hack care" attitude. Actually, I really think that our band's attitude is really pissing Ms Chan off, and I'm quite glad that today, the EXCOs finally did something about it. They introduced some new rules for us to follow, and Mr Wong said that we might play games every month to boost up our morale. Mr Wong also told section leaders to make sectionals interesting. I think this is because he want us to get the Gold with Honours award again, and do the school proud. Never mind, if I'm chosen to play in the SYF competition, I'll make sure I do my best to practise and play nicely. Hope I'll achieve my goal!!


Haha, I think this would be a very long post, because I have so many things to talk about!!

Yesterday's Jewel in the Palace episode was quite sad, because Jang-geum lost her sense of taste, and she couldn't face up to the fact that she had to leave the palace if everybody knew she had lost her taste. Her mentor, Lady Han, knew about this too. Jang-geum went all around the palace kitchen to taste all the food, but sadly, she couldn't taste anything. She even poured hot water on herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Jang-geum was so desperate that she overturned everything she could see, and she was crying her eyes out. Then Lady Han saw her, and she knew that Jang-geum was feeling really helpless, and in that touching scene, Lady Han also cried for Jang-geum. When I saw this scene, I also felt like crying, because Jang-geum was really, really pitiful. You could feel her agony in not able to taste the food, and Lady Han crying for Jang-geum was also one act to let the audience know that she cared for Jang-geum like own her daughter too. Then later, Lady Han trained Jang-geum in another way, but Jang-geum, having lost her taste, was feeling very dejected and didn't really put her heart into cooking, until Lady Han told her this: "长今, 你要相信你自己。如果你不相信你自己,就相信我,相信我吧!如果你失败的话,我就得放弃你,到时候伤心的人不只是你而已!!" I think I'm going to remember what Lady Han had said, because this sentence is so simple yet it has a lot of meaning in it. I want Lady Han to be my teacher. Jang-geum was so lucky to have such a good and wise mentor.

Today was the NAPFA 2.4km run. I was already quite nervous before the run, because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to endure the run because we only trained for 1 session. So sad, me and Hui En's target was to complete the run in 15 minutes, but because we stopped here and there, I only managed to complete it in 16.18 minutes, while Hui En was 2 seconds behind me. Thank you to those who cheered for me and gave me words of encouragement while I was running. And ya, Jewel In The Palace was a great source of inspiration for me to complete the run. Thank you to those who also reminded me about da chang jin. It really helped, as I was thinking about Jang-geum's perseverance to do well in whatever she did, and I was also using her as a role-model for me. Though I was 1.18 minutes longer than my target, I hope to do well for the next NAPFA test. 大家加油!! Do well for the next test hor!! =)

Then for geography, Mr Phoon wrote down a few countries and asked us which country we wanted to do for our project. Haha, then my group and Zheng Yang's group wanted to do Seoul, Korea. Then in the end, we managed to have the topic because Pei Xuan won Ser Ming in the scissors-paper-stone game. Yay, thanks to Pei Xuan, I can do my research on my beloved country. Korea really rocks with its famous K-dramas, K-pop and artistes who can really act well!! =)

After school today, my class went to Wong Kok Fah Farm. The weather was sweltering hot and I sweated like hell over there. But overall, the trip was quite interesting, except for the fact that the weather was too hot for me to bear and there were mosquitoes flying all over the place. We got free bottles of Aloe Vera drink, and the drink was really thrist-quenching!! Yummy! Love it!! I bought 2 flavoured malt candy for $1 each, and I'm going to share them with my family. Nice, right? Then when we wanted to go home, it started raining cats and dogs. The rain was so heavy that some of the farms were flooded. Haha, first it was so hot, then the next minute, it started raining like crazy. This is the effect of global warming, that is, having errectic weather patterns. -_-''' Haha, so okay for now...I'm going to do my Science practical now liao...Byes!! =) (By the way, if you can't view the chinese words, go to encoding Unicode (UFT-8))


Today was the last day of our PDP electives. So sad, I don't want them to stop, it had been such a fun and fulfilling enrichment for me. This was much better than our crappy lessons like, Science, English etc. I hope that my learning journey would just be as interesting as my PDP elective class. Haha, altogether, I learnt 21 new magic tricks, and I tricked my sister again.

Then had CCA today. Shouldn't have gone for it because the Sec 3s had gone for their adventure camp and our clarinet section only left with most of the Sec 2s and 2 Sec 4s. Then the Sec 4s said they wanted to study so they left us alone with the Sec 1 clarinettists. So in the end, we slacked for quite a long time and for the first time in many months, my saliva didn't drip onto my leg. Then we Sec 2s got to interact with the Sec 1s, and yay, I know all my juniors' names liao!! (I know most of you already know your juniors, but this is really the first time we got to interact with our juniors PROPERLY!!) And ya, there was one girl who also played the clarinet quite well, and she could play the chromatic scale very smoothly, so luckily I took her, or else I would have a hard time teaching the rest. But I thought that this year's batch of clarinettists were quite talented, so they have the potential to catch up with the main band and play well. Haha, and I finally knew who was my junior!! She is Daphine, (is this the way you spell her name?) and she is from 1D. Yeah, my junior, and she knows quite a lot of people from 2D too. Dunno why we kept calling her "dolphin", but she said she didn't mind so yeah, hello dolphin!! =)


Haha, I had such a fruitful day in school today. Today was Explorer's and Connector's Day, and it was the day when the Sec 3s went for their adventure camp in OBS. So there were no lessons for the Sec 1s and 2s as the teachers were also out. So from today to Wednesday, we do not have lessons!! Yippee!! I signed up for the "Magic and Illusion" PDP elective, and ya, it was quite fun. We learnt how to perform magic tricks and the instructor was also quite funny and nice to us. In school, I learnt the act of making objects disappear and bringing them back again. I also learnt how to perform card tricks. Nice right? I also had many of my good friends with me in the elective. Without the Sec 3s in the school, the canteen was less crowded, and we had 2 breaks!! If I could have this kind of school life everyday, I thought I would enjoy school more and more, but sadly, this kind of stuff only happen two times in the year. I would rather study the art of performing magic tricks than study some other stupid subjects which I definitely have no interest in.

When I reached home, I was so eager to show my mum the new magic tricks I had just learnt. Haiz, sadly, my mum knew what kinds of tricks I was up too, and everytime I tried to hide an object from her, she would immediately ask me to show her my clenched fist...haha, I really can't hide anything from her...and when I performed the card trick, I missed out one step, and she could really point out where I had gone wrong and all sorts. Haha, so no point in showing the tricks to her, 'cos she knows all the secret behind it. The Magician Code of Ethics: Never reveal how it is done. Trust me, I really never tell my mum how I went about doing those tricks, she figured it out herself. Going to show them to my sister when she comes back, and I just hope that she wouldn't be as clever as my mum. Haha, bye! =)