Hi, finally got the chance to blog again. Common tests were horrible and terrible. They were a real nightmare to me, and to the others. Damn it!!

It was the Chinese paper. Generally, I thought that the paper was rather okay, one of the easiest of the papers I had for the week. Hope I get an least an A2 for that.

I really hated this English paper. It was horrible. I had to do some crappy reflection about the HOM (Habits of Minds) and I didn't know what to write, so I just wrote some crap. Why can't they test on some other things, instead of reflection?? Not all people can write reflections well okay, so next time please test something else!! >=(

I hated this Maths paper too!! Hello?? How many cheem problem sums questions can a Sec 2 do in 1 hour? When the invigilator signalled the last 15 minutes of the test, I was still at Question 6!! Haven't even read the seventh question yet!! Ahh!! I hurried through my sixth question and anyhow did my last question. By the time I finished my paper, it was already the end of the test. I didn't even have the time to check the paper okay...the vital information were located RIGHT at the BOTTOM of the paper, and the font was so small that I had quite a hard time reading it. Curse the teacher who set this paper. He/she reduced some people to tears. I, too, got quite angry, because the time given was not sufficient, and the setter set the paper in such a way that we had no time to check our work. Most people didn't get to finish the paper. My friend in 2A left 2 questions blank, so confirmed at least 19 marks gone liao. This paper is a horrible nightmare to me and many RVians. If I could scrap a B3, I would be laughing like mad liao. (I am actually aiming for an A1 lor, but I think that it is quite impossible liao.) ='(

Is this really the standard for the RVIP tests?? Well, the Science paper was quite okay, but again, not many people finished doing the paper, and when there was 3 minutes left, I was still drawing my ray diagram. And like the last paper, I didn't get the pathetic chance to check my paper. So sad...but at least I found the paper easier than the Maths paper. But most people say that the Science paper was more difficult, Hui En and Zhi Yi said so too. I agreed that the ray diagrams were rather tricky to draw, and I spent a lot of time doing that too, but other then that, I thought it was rather okay. Well, I dunno, because some people cried over the Science paper too. Hope I do well for this subject.

Friday (Today)
Had geography test today. And of all the tests I had taken, this was the MOST difficult test of all. Worst than Maths, not any better than English. This paper was total crap itself, okay? Topographical map was horrible and I broke out into a cold sweat over it. Then I didn't know where the hell Casablanca was, (I only know it's a condo name in Singapore) and I forgot everything about volcanoes. I studied really hard for this subject okay, I didn't slack or whatsoever, I REALLY studied!!! I even slept late, just to revise my work. Then when I came to school, I just forgot everything I've learnt. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! I JUST FORGOT EVERYTHING!! And those questions that came out, were not those that I went through in school a few minutes before. CRAP, CRAP, AND MORE CRAP!!! I can't believe that I revised humidity when the test question didn't even come up with that. I nearly cried over the paper, and I really hope that this time they would be more lenient in the marking. As usual, like the past 2 papers, I didn't get the chance to check. Oh what the hell...

I really hope that some miracle would happen, because I really want to go to New Zealand. I really studied for my common tests this year, and looked what happened?? There were so many papers that I found difficult!! I didn't slack like last year for my common tests, and I still did quite well. If that is the case, I might as well not study, and see whether I get the same marks or not. Might just bang my head on the wall until it really hurts (get into hospital or something; lose my memory and forget about everything else except my Korean dramas) when I get back my results, but I still want to be sane enough to watch Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In The Palace). This is the only show that gives me the motivation to move forward and carry on with my life. I might think of moving to some other countries liao (when I have the money), I really do not wish to stay here anymore. Staying here and studying here only makes me more and MORE stressed!! I am really very tired now, and I wish to rest, but my school just doesn't give me the chance...this is how competitive life is in RV and in Singapore...haizz...


WAA!!! Yang Mi-kyung and Jo Jung-eun went to the Philippines!! When are they going to come to Singapore?? I want to see them!! And very soon, I will not be the only one wanting to see them!! Hey, come to Singapore as soon as possible please!! I will be very happy to meet you. Here is an article about them. And Yang Mi-kyung is so chio can...very soon, maybe after the tests, I will be putting up the Dae Jang Geum characters' pictures and the artistes' pictures. Look out for it!!


I love today's Home Econs lesson!! Today, we baked cup cakes, and I simply loved mine!! Yummy, yummy!! Dunno why when Mrs Tan was showing us how to bake it, Gary kept commenting that the ingredients were too much, so teacher asked him if he like, he can go ahead and a little of each, then I was like 0_o'''. But in the end, dunno whether he really did that or not. Forgot to ask him lah. And he was so greedy lor, out of the 12 cup cakes, I think he took maybe 6 or 5, can't remember. We only offered the Thai buddy who was with us 1. Pathetic, right? But the Thai girl was so damn hardworking. After we finished using each utensils, she immediately went to the sink to wash it up!! So automatic lor!! So that is why I didn't do much washing today!! =) Yay, going to learn how to make Thai cuisines the next lesson. The Thai teacher will be teaching us. I look forward to next week!! Woots!

Then after CID lessons, Hui En took one of my cup cakes and commented that it was nice, but she thought that hers was sweeter. I think Gary maybe added a little less sugar than the recommended amount. Damn it, maybe he is trying to lose weight bah...

Then for CCA today, dunno why so many people from clarinet section didn't attend band today. For the first clarinets, only 4 people turned out today, out of the 8, and I think the number is just as pathetic in the other sub-sections (2nd and 3rd clarinets). Then dunno why today I felt very energetic. Didn't really feel that tired when I went for band, maybe because Lester didn't come and tell me to play softer. Haha. Then He Ling took first clarinets for sectionals 'cos Wen Hui had to see to something else lah, and overall, I think she really know her stuff well, and she was quite patient with us, even though Claire had drove her mad quite a few times. Haha, so for the first time in many months, I enjoyed sectionals quite a bit.

Aiyah, have to go and revise my work now lah...RVIP term test is just next Monday, have to do well for all my subjects lor, if not I can seriously forget about going New Zealand. So bye for now.


Today was the last day of swimming!! YAY!! So happy that this swimming course has finally ended. For the last lesson today, I think those in Uncle Phillip's group slacked the most!! Haha, not say slack lah, but just that today we didn't do as many things as the previous lessons. But I think the main reason why Uncle Phillip didn't spend too much tme on us is because he had to teach Si Lin. She didn't learn anything from her previous coach and so she approached him for help. Then in the pool, I kept playing with Pei Xuan and Madeline. Haha, so slack. Then because of a sudden bout of tummy-ache, I got out of the pool earlier. Luckily I got the tummy-ache, if not, I have to stay in the pool until 10.20am and have to rush to school straight away for Science, no time to have recess either.

Then today for Science lesson, Lian Bing was singing the da chang jin theme song rather loudly, and Ms Tan was like "Lian Bing, what are you singing??" Then I told Ms Tan that he was singing the theme song for da chang jin. Ms Tan didn't catch what I said so Lian Bing told her that da chang jin is a Korean show. Then Ms Tan saw the light, and said that she would watch it to understand what Lian Bing was talking about!! Ms Tan, if you watch da chang jin, you would become my favourite teacher!! Watch it!! It's really fantastic!!

Haha, glad to know that the people around me are enjoying this da chang jin show. At first, before da chang jin was shown, I had to persuade so many people from my CCA and class to watch this show, saying that if they don't watch it, I'm going to keep nagging at them until they watch, and see, they listened to me and they are now happily enjoying the show!! WOOTS!!! So happy that my job is done, and so I've completed my mission in getting people hooked onto the show. Heehee, even Lian Bing is watching it lor...so those who haven't seen the show, watch it now! The exciting part is coming up very soon, and the show's music is really very grand and pleasant to the ears!!


Yesterday, I made the big mistake of staying back after school just to watch some movie that Mr Lee said he was showing to us, because we were going to focus about "5 ways to kill a man". At first, I didn't want to stay, but since almost everybody in the class were going to stay back, I thought that I should stay back too. But I made a huge mistake, something that would haunt me for quite some time. (I only hope that it is not forever) Ok, so we went to AVA room 1 to watch the movie. But at first, I didn't know what the characters were talking about, but luckily, there were the subtitles. Unfortunately, there were more that meets the eye. The way the Romans tortured Jesus was EXTREMELY HORRIBLE!!! They tortured Him so many times until He was so weak, but He was still alive. If I put myself into that situation, I think I would have died!! I can never be as strong as Him!! The Romans had a very wicked torture equipment with thorns in it, and guess what? Yes, they swung that thing at full force RIGHT at Him. Of course, the thorns stuck to his flesh, and when they pulled it off, Jesus's flesh just came off!! Horrible, right? And Natasha was so terribly shaken by the whole movie that she broke down, and she really cried very hard. I myself was also freaked out by the movie, and I kept thinking about the torture they used on Jesus, that is why I said that I regretted staying back to watch the gruesome movie, because it really haunted me!! If you want to know what movie I was talking about, this movie is "The Passion of Christ". Alright, enough of that gory talk. I shall now blog about what happened today.

Today, had CID as usual. Dunno why for today's lesson, our whole group laughed a lot, especially me and Hui En. Then Jennie keep saying we are mad when in fact, she was also quite mad. Then after eating my lunch, I went to the Art Room with Hui En and Jennie as we wanted to finish painting the background for our batik painting. Then Hui En can't find her painting in the Art Room, so in the end, we didn't do anything, just watsed time crapping around. Then today's band practice was damn sian lah, Ms Chan didn't come again, and we had combined only for a while and the rest of the time, we had sectionals. Totally sian diao lah, then actually we can go home at 5.45pm, but in the end, we had to stay back to nominate the exco members of the band. Dunno who to nominate, and wasted quite a lot of time thinking. Then in the end, Melvin told us to nominate those people in clarinet section, so I did. But I won't be telling anybody who I nominated. So long...


Haiz...how I hated yesterday. Had band from 8.45am to 5.30pm, and because of that, I threw my tandrums at both my mum and dad. They persuaded me to go for band, and in the end?? I ended up being sick. Marching was pure torture and utterly terrorising. Had to march with my instrument and with Yu Hua. Their marching was very good, and in the end, they had to correct all our marching skills. Then, we marched from 2pm to 5.30pm. The Yu Hua people were like "girl, you are out of the line", "hold your instrument at 90 degrees", "your hand must be 90 degrees straight". I know they meant good, but do you have any idea how tired I was?? During marching, there were a number of times I felt like dropping my instrument due to exhaustion, but I hung on just for the sake of not spoiling my clarinet. Then, when we could finally go home, my legs were so heavy that I felt like not walking altogether. At night, I ran a fever and a runny nose. My mum asked me to sleep early but no matter what, I still had to stay up to watch Dae Jang Geum. This is the reason why I'm in this world.

Then today, I had piano lessons. Everything didn't seemed to go right for me today, partly because I felt very sick. Then suddenly, I dunno why my hands sort of went errectic, as in, I suddenly played the piano very fast, then my piano teacher was like "keep your rhythm constant", "oi, keep your rhythm constant". Then I think she was sort of pissed off by me, cos I keep getting my rhythm wrong lor...haiz...hate today too...


Had band orientation today. It was so DAMN FUN!!! I love it!! I found this year's orientation more fun than last year's one. But this year, I got more dirty and messier. Had all the gooey stuff all thrown at me, but never mind, I still like it. Band rocks, ya, but too bad Zhi Yi and Shi Xian didn't come to witness the fun.

After band, I went straight to Causeway Point. Then my mum said I just missed the Kimchi-demonstration. So sad!! ='( But after having my lunch, the emcee then introduced many Korean stuff!! =) The highlight is "Spring up North". I guess Korea is now having spring. Then I went there, there were so many people crowding around the stage. Couldn't really get a good view, but never mind, at least Cold Storage had set up a tent there to let people see Korean goods. Some other VCD shop brought out all the Korean serials available in Singapore and I saw some aunties fighting over some of the VCDs lorx...wa lao, mad aunties riding the Korean wave. I think they are even more mad then me lorx...then the emcee asked questions about the Korean wave, then is like all I know lorx...like " Name 3 Korean artistes", "How do you say "thank you" in Korean?" and "What is one Korean food?" Then I think one goondo kid went up to say "Korean chicken rice". The emcee was like 0_o. Then I wanted to answer the 3 above questions, but I haven't got the guts. The Indian lady beside me then asked me what is "thank you" in Korean, then I mumbled something, then she was like "huh?". I repeated myself, saying "gam-sa-hab-ni-da". Then the lady wanted to volunteer me, but then one ah-chek went up to answer lorx...damn it!! Stole away my chance for glory. Boohoo!! Then after that, I went to see how the Koreans made their Korean knots. It was so beautiful!! Love it!! But I thought the 3 ladies who wore the hanbok (Korean traditional costume) looked a little stern. The tenants in my parents' condominium (The Warren) are also Koreans, and I thought they looked a little scary with spectacles on. They looked as if they are going to scold you if you made a small mistake. But the tenants are very nice lah, very friendly. This may not apply to all Koreans, but I think most Koreans look very strict, AND THEY ARE VERY TALL!! AHH!! If I go to Korea, I think I would be one of the shortest there lorx...most Koreans are at least 1.6m tall, according to my aunt who has been there.

Oh ya, before I forget, on my way to school, a woman picked up a call on her handphone. Ya, she was talking very loudly, and I, of course, had no choice but to eavesdrop on her conversion. Ya, here is how it goes. " Huh?? 9.30 pm ah?? Cannot lah, I want to stay home watch da chang jin leh. Can earlier a not?? No, you know da chang jin, the Channel U 10pm show. Very nice lah, so no choice but to cancel appointment lor." OK, that's all to it. I am happy to note that people are enjoying this Korean drama serial. It was siad in the Lian2 He2 Wan3 Bao4 that da chang jin was the highest rated drama for the 10pm slot. Mediacorp only experienced this figure when it was the last episode for the Hong Kong drama serials (mind you, not Singpore shows). Mediacorp admitted that da chang jin did very well for its first episode. It broke the record for any TV debut. Heehee, da chang jin really rocks. I am sure that the ratings for this show will continue to rise, and conquer the Singapore households. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!


Had band practice today. It was so boring, had sectionals from 11am to 4.30pm!! AHH!!!! There was supposed to be combine practice today, and Ms Chan DID come, ya, but dunno what happened lorx...so stuck with sectionals for nearly 5 hours!! And apparently, my clarinet went on strike today. I had problem with my tuning, and guess what, I spent almost 2 hours JUST to get my stupid tuning right. And I have to go back to school tomorrow for Sec 1 band orientation. I don't feel like going 'cos I don't wanna get dirty, but never mind, at least after band I can go to Causeway Point. My mum is bringing me there to see the Kimchi-making demonstration. It seems like both Northpoint and Causeway Point have realised how POWERFUL the Korean wave is and with Dae Jang Geum showing on Mediacorp, they decided to make the first move, and that is, to intorduce to Singaporeans everything Korean. Haha, thanks, I'll be there, so don't worry!! =)

YAY!!! Dae Jang Geum is showing on Mediacorp!! WOOTS!! If you are reading my blog in the late afternoon, please remember to watch TV at 10pm. (watch da chang jin lorx, then watch news meh??) If you are reading my blog between 7-9pm, go do some other things unless you wanna watch TV from 7-11pm. IF you are reading my blog at 10pm, GO ON THE TV NOW!!! NO MORE READING MY BLOG!!! SHOO!!! AND IF YOU are reading my blog after 11pm, without watching da chang jin, you have missed the first episode. Watch it again tomorrow then. BUT IF you never ever give da chang jin a TRY, you'll geddit from me...I'll make sure that you'll die a death more horrible than the evillish villian in Jewel in the Palace...


WAH!!!! JUST ONE MORE DAY!!! AND YES, YES, YES!!!!! DAE JANG GEUM, HERE YOU COME!! YAY!!!! (the grand Dae Jang Geum music plays in the background) TOMORROW!!! PLEASE COME QUICKLY!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE MY BAND PRACTICE SEEM SHORTER AND MAKE 10pm LONGER!!! I can't wait to go home tomorrow..(as usual, homesick lah). I will post tomorrow if I have the time, because I may be too excited to qiong through all my VCDs before the show starts at 10pm. Hei i ya, di i ya, hei ya na ra ni no, o ji do mo ta na ta ryo ka ma...(this is the chorus part of the theme song, you should know which show that is...=p) So long...


Just came back from my theory class. I didn't know that my theory teacher also got watch da chang jin, and some more she confessed to me that she is also another Korean fanatic. Haha, didn't know that so many people I know are Korean frantics. The aunties selling drinks at the stall beside the malay food also watch many Korean shows. (They watch more than me okay??) My theory teacher said that the music of da chang jin sounds very grand, and very nice and those usual stuff lah. She's one da chang jin fan too!! =))

YES, YES, YES!!! Just two more days to da chang jin showing on Channel U!!! SO HAPPY!!! I tell you, Dae Jang Geum is one of the greatest Korean show ever made, it took the whole of Asia by storm okay?? And can you imagine how big Asia is?? It's the biggest continent on Earth right?? Dae jang Geum is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! For those who like music, watch da chang jin. For those who like dramas which can make you cry, watch da chang jin. For those who like suspense that can kill you, watch da chang jin. For those who want to know the importance of kinship, watch da chang jin. For those who like love stories, watch da chang jin. For those who want to see the handsome man who is Jang Geum's boyfriend, watch da chang jin. For those who want to witness the complicated twists and turns in a drama, watch da chang jin. For those who want to witness sabotage and the rivalry in the palace, watch da chang jin. For those who want to see the yummy royal food that the royalties eat, watch da chang jin. Phew, I guess that is enough. I've said so much already. Well, these are some of the reasons that I find da chang jin so popular with the Asians. Watch Jewel in the Palace on Channel U this coming Tuesday, at 10pm. Be warned though, once you start watching, you can't stop. This show is really a rare gem.


Ya, I know that I haven't been posting for a long time, but there was some problem with my blog. The links were not working well and I've been too busy with other things to find out the problem. And today, I have the time since I woke up early, and I decided to change my blogskin to a better one with clickable links.

I felt very bored because my dad and my sis have gone to Malaysia earlier on, and just straight after I woke up, my mum said that she wanted to go to Bukit Panjang. And so, I was the only one left at home. Then I got so bored of doing my theory homework and couldn't resist the temptation of switching on the TV. So, from 9.30 to 10am, I was watching the da chang jin trailers over and over again on Channel U. I JUST LOVE THE TRAILERS!! THEY LOOK SO GRAND!! Though the trailers were superb, I still can't help but to feel angry with Mediacorp for showing da chang jin at such a late time and showing it almost 1 year after other countries have shown it. Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk, I guess. Ya, I saw one trailer just dedicated to Chang Jin and Min Zheng Hao. Hello, this is a Korean show, and why is there Chinese song playing in the background?? It is very weird lorx...no taste one. Why can't they play better songs like Ha Mang Yeon ( He2 Mang2 Ran2 in korean) ?? Ha Mang Yeon is very nice song in the show, and it's played when chang jin and min zheng hao meet each other lorx...(though it is sometimes played in the sad parts of the show).

Then I decided to cook lunch for just me and my mum. Just as I was taking out the crabsticks from the freezer, I heard the familiar da chang jin tune. I slammed the freezer door and rushed out of the kitchen. Then my mum said that I was so mad, just rushing out of the kitchen to see the trailers and at the risk of spoiling the freezer. Then after cooking my share, I helped my mum fix her lunch. When the water was boiling, I just dumped the whole packet of noodle inside, without realising that the packet of seasoning was still inside. Then when I realised it, the packet was like leaking already, then I used a pair of chopsticks to fish it out. Luckily my mum didn't see it and tasted anything funny, if not I'll be accused of trying to poison her. =p