Wisdom tooth removal


I was always bothered by the wisdom tooth I had at the top right side of my mouth, more so especially when I kept getting food stuck there, making me feel extremely uncomfortable and edgy. However, I wasn't that willing to part with my money just to pull out a wisdom tooth, which did cause a bit a problem for me when it first appeared years back, but thankfully, as time passed, erupted fully and wasn't impacted at all.

It took me a very expensive visit to the dentist last year (I spent $300 one shot on my gum treatment lol; there went my dental allowance for the year) and a very naggy dentist from Hong Kong to finally convince me that this tooth had to go. However, I am dead terrified of extractions (although I had 4 of my teeth extracted when I had to put on braces), especially when my last extraction was done more than 10 years ago. I have heard how wisdom teeth extractions are more major than normal teeth extractions, with MCs being granted for at least a week. My lunch kaki's horror story of her first wisdom tooth extraction also made me extremely jittery.

As my mind to leave is already made up, I decided to bite the bullet and finish spending my dental allowance, for the very last time. I decided to get an x-ray of my teeth done, to see if there were any other wisdom teeth besides the one I knew I already had. It turned out that I only had that one, which did shock me and my naggy HK dentist, as people tend to usually have either 2 or 4 of such teeth. Of course, I was more glad that I only had one of such tooth, which meant that once I manage to get rid of that, I wouldn't have to go through extractions anymore (hopefully please).

With my extraction being set for today, I decided to eat McGriddles for breakfast before my impending agony. I went to the clinic earlier than my 11 am appointment, and the clinic assistant told me that my dentist was ready for me. ._. Anyway, the extraction itself went quite well. Besides my head violently shaking when the dentist was attempting to pull my wisdom tooth out, other than that, I did not feel much discomfort, which was really great for me. My naggy dentist was really reassuring during the extraction, and I think that was what made me feel more at ease. However, my extraction was rather expensive though, at $220, when my lunch kaki's extraction was nearly $100 cheaper (at another clinic though). ._. Alright, but I'd rather pay more for a relatively less painful extraction. As of now, I still do not feel much discomfort, and my wound has stopped bleeding already.

Grumpy Cat came down after work to find me, and aww, he gave me a sunflower. I need to blog about this because this is the very first time he has given me a flower, on the 737th day we got together. Kewt boi said that he wanted to buy me lavenders (le favourite flower HAHAHA) but couldn't find any lol. Silly boi - lavenders don't grow anywhere bb. They'd probably die in SG's heat and humidity lol. But I still appreciated his thoughts very much. Don't worry bb, we'll be seeing the real lavenders soon! ;D

My very first flower from Grumpy Cat.

I watched Grumpy eat his dinner, and we discussed about how our day went. I'm so glad to know that Grumpy is going places. Faster get promoted (again) please, then I can rely on you if I'm still jobless. ;P

Brownie making


I came back from Australia, with a box of Zumbo's brownie mix for Grumpy's mum.

We decided to open it yesterday after Grumpy got back from his business trip to Hong Kong.

The instructions were really easy and straightforward, perfect for Grumpy to follow.

They turned out to be pretty good, though a bit on the sweet side, probably due to the white chocolate that came with the brownie mix.

Grumpy in action.

Our finished product.

Looks good right?

While waiting for the brownies to bake, we settled our teabreak with some snacks le sis got from Amsterdam.

Teatime with some dope cookies from Amsterdam that le sis gave to Grumpy, together with a cup of hot mango peach tea and stroopwafel. The stroopwafel did taste a lot better when it was dipped in hot tea.

So not looking forward to my dental extraction this coming Tuesday huhuhu. ;(

Virgin HDL Experience


I had always been wanting to try Hai Di Lao (HDL), but each time when Grumpy Cat and I talk about going there, we would inevitably end up putting off our trip there, due to me having exams or suddenly falling sick at inappropriate rimes.

This time round, we were determined to make this trip which we had put off for so long happen, as I felt that I did deserve it (by passing both my papers at one go) and also to celebrate our anniversary early, since Grumps would be in Hong Kong to attend a Group conference on our actual day.

I had to OT till quite late yesterday, and I was already not feeling that well by the time I managed to reach home.

True enough, I woke up today, on a rainy morning, with a terrible sore throat, but since this weekend would be the only weekend I could spend with Grumps before he flies off for the week, I decided to pull myself together, spammed drank le Vitamin C water, along with leftover medicine which I had gotten from my doctor during my visit just a month back. I did feel much better after that.

We had wanted to eat the famous chai poh carrot cake from 618 Sims Carrot Cake last Saturday, but when we went there, it was closed, which made it such a wasted trip for us, since neither of us lives near the area.

Weak body chose to break down this weekend, but I was determined not to let my body condition get in the way of me enjoying good food, and so, the rest was history. xD

Although I don't really consider Grumpy a very romantic guy (he hasn't given me flowers before LOL), he does show his love and care to me through other tangible actions, like walking across the road to buy me liang teh and getting me a bread for me to ease my hunger. I'm super appreciative of this, Grumpy. ;D

We ended up having to wait for about an hour to get our order - thankfully Grumps had bought me the bread, if not I would have been really hangry.

This carrot cake was good, but honestly, I wouldn't wait for an hour for this again. There are comparable stalls nearer my house (like the one at Bukit Timah hawker centre) that sell carrot cake of the same quality, or even slightly better. The main selling point of this was that they put the chai poh (preserved radish) at the side of the plate, but I felt that the amount of chai poh wasn't as much as what Grumps and I expected, considering that we had ordered the big portion. Oh well... ;/

OK, so now back to the main point of this post: our virgin HDL experience. I had called up HDL (IMM branch) on Thursday night, nearing to 12 am, and managed to snag seats for Saturday dinner at 6 pm. Turned out that the reservation guy made a mistake 'cos technically speaking, I was told that reservations are not allowed on weekends, but since it was the mistake of their staff, HDL did call me up to apologise and say that they would still honour my initial reservation, just that I had to be prepared to wait a little while. I was fine with that.

After Grumps bought his sport shoes, we whiled away our time (I actually felt tired enough to sleep lol, must be the medicine) and when it was 5.30 pm, we both decided to head up to HDL. It turned out that for those without any reservations, the waiting time was already 3 hours? #siao As my initial reservation was honoured, I got my queue number and we were both ushered to a waiting area, where they served us snacks, fruit and drinks.

The crackers were so good! We had at least 3 servings of this before there was a table available for us. Kudos to the service staff who were so damn patient and accommodating to us.

We were shown to our table at around 6.15 pm, 15 minutes after my initial reservation. As we had already decided what to order while at the waiting area, our appointed waitress, Hua Hua, just had to confirm if the items were what we truly wanted. I had to admire her honesty, because she was asking if 4 soup bases were too much for us (most patrons only go for 2, especially when there are only 2 diners). She also asked us again to check on the ingredients we ordered for us, as she felt that it would be tough for us to finish all that we had initially ordered. Heeding her warning, we proceeded to check the iPad again on our orders, and managed to cancel off some items.

We got the chicken soup, seafood soup, 3 delicacies soup and the tomato soup. Imo, I felt that the 3 delicacies and tomato soups tasted the best. The chicken came in a close third, but I didn't find the seafood soup any special. I had to forgo the mala soup because I wasn't feeling that well. ;(

Featuring the HDL beef and the handmade fishball with roe.

Grumpy swapped out a few of the other ingredients we initially ordered for this fried pork. Eh hello I thought you were banning me from eating fried food?

There were some must-eats that we would definitely get if we ever get the feel to splurge again, while others could be given a miss. The HDL beef was unbelievably tender and I'd definitely get it again the next time I come; same with the fishball with roe as well as the shrimp paste that I did not get to take a photo of. We had also ordered fishcakes which I felt could be missed as there was nothing much special about it.

The la mian was $4 per portion, and came with much theatrics and skill by the person serving the noodles. You can view the performance in the video below. The noodles would also be one of my must-orders when I visit HDL again, as it was really damn QQ i.e chewy! It tasted super good with the tomato soup base and the 3 delicacies soup base.

Pardon my irritating voice towards the end hahaha. But this guy was just so skillful. The noodles came so close to my face, and yet it didn't touch me at all. #soverywow

Our total bill came up to nearly $110 for 2. I'd say that this was a really expensive meal, considering that we didn't really order much (and we already cut down from the initial order), and not all the ingredients we ordered were mindblowingly-good, but the service was really, really top-notch! In fact, I do not even think that service staff for fine dining would be this attentive. Hua Hua explained to us the different ingredients that went into making each soup base, and also did advise how we should be taking our soup as she was afraid that it would be too salty for us. She also did help to clear our plates and bowls regularly so that our table wouldn't become too unsightly. Hot wet towels were also given to us regularly for us to wipe our hands and clean up our table, ensuring that we would be eating at a clean table. She also did take her time to explain how the ingredients were prepared, and also had some small talks with us, which I really appreciated, as she was waiting on 2 other tables as well. It must have been very tough for her. ;X

We were also being treated to a 变脸 performance. It seems that we were lucky, because my friend didn't get to see this performance when she was dining.

I had originally wanted to pay for this HDL dinner as it was my suggestion to go there, and I wanted to treat Grumpy as our early anniversary dinner, but notti Grumps went to pay up when I was in the toilet. ;( Thank you so much Grumps for all the love you have shown me, then and now. I'm really so lucky to have met you - what would I do without you? T_T Luckily I still have a back-up plan for this anniversary though. ;P

May eats


Welcome to May's edition of foodie entries. ;P

4th May 2018
There was a company event, so I had half a day off, while Grumpy took leave for that day. Since he would be attending an event near le workplace, we decided to meet nearby for lunch.

I had seen Instagram posts about Chunky Lobsters going around back in April. What attracted me to try it was due to its cheap price (at $16 nett), which was really a good deal for a lobster roll, which can easily cost at least $30.

Grumpy and I decided to meet at Oxley Tower (where Chunky Lobsters was) at around 12.30 pm. We had to wait for quite a while before we could finally place our orders, and it so happened that we were lucky, because ours was one of the last orders the cashier took before they hung up the "sold out" sign. That was pretty quick. ._.

Anyway, it wasn't surprising to see so many people hanging around for their orders though - the premise of having lobster rolls for just $16 was indeed very tempting.

As the shop itself was really small, Grumpy and I decided to get the takeaways so that we could find a place with air-conditioning (the weather was sibeh hot) to enjoy our lobster rolls.

After making ourselves comfortable at Downtown Gallery, we proceeded to savour our lobster rolls.

We both found the lobster rolls pretty legit, especially for its price. The meat was really fleshy and juicy, and they were really generous with it as well, despite the relatively cheaper price tag. I found the bread slightly soggy. It wasn't as toasty as I had liked it to be, but Grumpy loved the bread a lot though. I think the sogginess might be due to me ordering the buttery lobster roll, and due to us ordering takeaway instead of eating it right away instead.

I got myself the Chunky's Connecticut, which basically was a lobster roll coated with melted butter.

Grumpy got himself the Chunky's Original, whereby the lobster meat was marinated with lemon and the shop's secret herbs and spices.

After our lunch, I ended up accompanying Grumpy to Starbucks and watch him do his work, while waiting for his event to start.


5th May 2018
We decided to dine at Putien again, to celebrate an early Mother's Day with Grumpy's mum. Grumpy managed to make a reservation, which thankfully he did, because the restaurant was extremely packed by the time we arrived at 6 pm. Had he not made any reservation, we would have to join the snaking queue outside. ._.

Corn juice and veggie juice. The corn juice came warm, which was quite a surprise for me, but it tasted really good. I find it pricey at $5.90 per cup though. The veggie juice that Grumpy got tasted quite sour at first, but after I got used to the taste, I found this pretty legit as well.

Salted egg and century egg spinach, which tasted very good as well.

Omg this egg tofu was damn dope? It reminded me so much of Soup Restaurant's rendition of fried egg tofu, which is one of my favourite dishes from Soup Restaurant.

Grumpy and I loved Putien's rendition of sweet and sour century eggs, so we ordered this again. xD

Grumpy's mum ordered the claypot fish, which cost $13.90. At first, I thought that this was pretty cheap for a fish, but this fish ended up being super small. -.-''' However, the flesh was really smooth and sweet, albeit with many small bones hidden.

We ordered the dumplings as it was one of Putien's signature dishes. The wrappings of the dumplings are actually made from finely-grounded meat. o.O'''

One of the best renditions of sweet and sour pork I've ever tasted!

When you come to Putien, please do yourself a favour and order this bee hoon. Damn shiok when eaten with Putien's chilli.

By then I was already damn bloated, so I didn't enjoy this mee sua as much. Grumpy's mum and Grumpy enjoyed this a lot though.

Grumps had his sweet potato dessert again.

Grumpy's mum had the ice jelly.

The whole meal came up to about $141, but glad to know that Grump's mum did enjoy her dinner. ;)


8th May 2018
As Grumpy was pressed for time, we both decided to go for lunch at a place nearer to both our workplaces. He suggested Waa Cow, as he hadn't tried it before and I had liked it the first time when I was there.

I decided to get the Iberico pork don as it was cheaper than the wagyu beef don. The pork don was really good, but overall, I still prefer the wagyu beef better.

Salmon belly maki, which was really good!

Grumpy's wagyu beef mini don. Omg this was still as good as I remember it to be. Dopeeeee.

I should remind Grumpy to not order more than 1 portion of food for each person the next time. I was soooo stuffed... ;/


9th May 2018
Lunch kaki really has a knack for finding out-of-the-radar cafes, so we decided to dine at News & Gossips for lunch.

I got myself the smoked salmon wrap, which was really good! At $8.80, it did make me very full. As I am now currently watching my weight, I reckon that this could be shared, as one half was more than enough for me.

After that, we went over to Springleaf Tower to make payment for my class fees. Second last paper before becoming an affiliate, please kill it, Missy Au!


11th May 2018
Healthy-eating for me again, so I decided to get the Aloha Poke from Rollie Ollie. It was my first time having a poke, so I did not know that poke bowls do come with rice. I'm trying to avoid carbs as much as possible, but thankfully, they did have the option of brown rice, so I went with the brown rice instead.

This was really delicious! I should have shared this though, because eating half of the portion already made me very full. Sashimi and tamago ftw though!

OK folks, that's it for now.

Foodie April


April has been a relatively good month for me. Although I have nothing much to say regarding my work (what's new right), but I'm glad that my own efforts have finally borne fruit and that my plans may be executed sooner than the deadline I have given myself.

Onwards to happier memories and thoughts. Because I was really in a good mood, Grumpy noted that I was a lot less grumpy and therefore, we ate nicer food as well. April was supposed to be the start when Grumpy and I began our eat-clean meals, but oh well, cheat days do exist; we just try our best to eat lesser fried and processed food, and also smaller portions of food on other days. ;P

10th April 2018
After I came back from Aussie, this was my first lunch with Grumpy. I love anything with eggs, so once I knew that Yin Ji had opened up a stall in Singapore (and it was near le workplace), we decided on this place for lunch.

If le dad's plan to bring us back to our ancestral village in China materialises, I'd definitely drop by Yin Ji in Guangzhou as well.

Salted chicken noodles for Grumpy.

Pork and century egg for the Cantonese me. The porridge was quite good as the texture was really smooth. I found the portion just nice for one person though. At $6, it still doesn't come close to beating my all-time favourite, which is still porridge from Zhen Zhen in Maxwell Food Centre.

Egg and prawn chee cheong fun. Apparently, egg chee cheong fun is a specialty of Yin Ji. I really enjoyed the chee cheong fun a lot, though at $7 per dish, this definitely isn't cheap for chee cheong fun. Grumpy thought that there was nothing special about it, as he preferred chee cheong fun with the sweet dark sauce. I'm Cantonese, so I prefer chee cheong fun with the light soya sauce. ;P


13th April 2018
'Twas Friday the 13th, and lunch kaki decided to scare herself by buying some very expensive lunch. OK, the lunch wasn't as expensive as I thought in the end lah, but still more expensive that what we'd usually eat for lunches on weekdays though.

We've been waiting to try DOCO, which was located at International Plaza, since last year, but not sure why it took us so long to come here. I'm sure we had other distractions along the way hahaha. I decided to get the beef don set, which comprised of a rice bowl and either a coconut shake or coconut soft-serve. I got myself the coconut shake for $12.90.

My beef bowl was exceptionally delicious! So damn juicy and good! My other colleagues ordered the chicken, which was good as well, but beef was really da bomb. The crispy fish skin and onsen egg made everything even more flavourful that it already was. Such a good buy!

I'd definitely return to this place, but don't think I'd be getting the set anymore, because I thought that the coconut shake was really meh. It didn't taste refreshing at all (tasted like those cheap packaged coconut water which you could easily buy from any supermarket for cheap) and I was really disappointed that the cup was so small as well. Like... if I had to pay $3 for such mediocre-tasting coconut water, I might as well forego it altogether and pay only for the rice don, which I felt was more worth my money.


20th April 2018
Marugame Udon & Tempura opened their first shop at Ion Orchard a few days back. As I was craving for udon, I naturally asked Grumpy if we could go there for dinner. We had originally wanted to leave office at 5.30 pm sharp, but Grumpy was held up, so I was left waiting outside his office lobby, shivering as the rain and cold winds blew in. ;(

But the rainy weather made it all the more perfect for some udon dinner. ;P

The queue was really very long by the time we reached the restaurant. However, the diner must first order at the counter first before being shown to their seats. So although the restaurant offered free seatings, you won't be able to chope your seats first before you can order.

As there were only two of us, we were gestured to make our orders at the counter after waiting in the queue for around 15 minutes.

I got the sweet potato tempura, as well as the squid tentacles, which I really highly recommend! Even Grumpy said that this was damn shiok!

I love eggs a lot, so it was no wonder that I decided to go for this dry udon, which came with seasoned cod roe and half-boiled egg. This was really super yummy, as when mixed, the burst of flavours from the mentaiko and half-boiled egg were really distinct. I felt that it went super well with the udon, which were handmade in the stall, and therefore, tasted super chewy and clean.

Grumpy got himself the plain udon, but added on a plate of beef as ala carte and a few other tempura items. The tempura items were really good too, as we could tell that they were just freshly out from the fryer.


22nd April 2018
I had cravings for mala, and managed to rope in Grump because while Saturdays were supposed to be meant to be reserved for our dates, this gong kia went to volunteer at The Music Run, thereby robbing us of one precious day zZz...

Believe it or not, this was really my first time ordering mala, all by myself. While I have eaten mala before, le mum used to do all the ordering. ._.

I decided on having mala from Ri Ri Hong, because one, they charge you by ingredients and not by weight, which I liked, and two, I was already familiar with this place, having come here a number of times.

This time round, given that I had the liberty to choose my own ingredients, I went ahead to spam all my favourites. ;D

So good, so shiok, so much so that I figured I've gotten lunch on 30th April settled. Le lunch kaki and I will come here for lunch. xD This thing cost me $14 though oops, because I over-ordered and just went cray on the ingredients I wanted. I had to share this with Grumpy in the end. Oh well...


27th April 2018
Both of us managed to knock off relatively earlier this day, so we decided to go further for dinner. We decided on Putien in the end because I've been wanting to dine there for a really long time (since early last year), but had no chance to do so until today.

We went there without any reservation, but thankfully, were shown to our seats 5 minutes later.

As this was both our first time at Putien, we were at a loss as to what to order, so we searched up some food blogs for inspirations.

Guess who we saw? In fact, I think nobody else noticed that The Muttons were there HAHAHA. Grumpy was the first one who spotted them.

The lor mee was highly recommended on some food blogs, but I felt that while this was special, this wouldn't be my to-go dish if I return to Putien again. I prefer the normal lor mee, with lots of garlic and vinegar.

I love century eggs, so this was definitely on my must-order list. Both Grumpy and I loved this a lot. In fact, where else can you find sweet and sour century egg? ;D

Grumpy said that the shredded pork bun looked really good, and the minimum order for this was 2, so we got 2 lor.

We got the waitress to wrap the above dish into a visually-appealing bun for us. I must say that this was really good as well. The buns were very crispy and well-toasted, which added a crunch to our wonderfully-marinated pork. I found this a bit expensive though, at $4.50 per bun, but it definitely warranted another must-eat from me.

The fried Heng Hwa bee hoon is one of Putien's specialty, so we couldn't leave this restaurant without trying any of it. I noticed that the bee hoon here looked a lot thinner than the normal bee hoon I am accustomed to seeing. I felt that this kind of noodles absorbed the flavours of the broth more easily. Grumpy and I enjoyed this dish a lot, especially when it was paired with the Putien in-house chilli sauce. The chilli sauce elevated it to the next level of goodness. O.O'''

Grumpy's sweet potato and pumpkin dessert, which was damn good! The sweet potato and pumpkin could be distinctly tasted, it wasn't sweet at all and tasted super natural.

I love my yam, so I had the orh nee. The orh nee here was very healthy-tasting and not heavy on the palate at all, unlike the typical Teochew version, where you could taste the lard and coconut cream. Grumpy did not really fancy this as he felt that it didn't have much flavour. For me, I really liked this, as it meant that I wouldn't get jelat even after eating multiples of this, which I didn't get to do LOL.

Both of us liked the chilli sauce so much that we decided to get our mums the chilli sauce as well. It retails for $6.80 per bottle, and it does come in a pretty packaging. Great for gifts I'd say!

This post sums up my foodie journey for April.

Here's to having more nice-tasting food, even when both of us are trying to cut down on what we're eating. ._.

GV Gold Class Experience


Grumpy Cat has always been a huge Marvel fan, and thanks to him, I've come to know my fair share about the various superheroes (though not on his level) and what their storylines were, mainly 'cos I had to fulfill girlfriend duties by accompanying him to the cinemas to catch the latest Marvel films.

However, I found myself really enjoying the movies as well, even to the extent of going to Google to find out the plots from the previous movies so that I would not be caught unaware by the plot in the latest movies, since Marvel storylines do tend to continue from the ending of another Marvel movie.

I knew that Grumpy Cat had been waiting for Infinity War for the longest time ever, with him even suggesting that he would go and book the tickets immediately when the ticket sale was launched, when he usually wouldn't do this for the other Marvel movies which have come out (like Thor: Ragnorok and Black Panther). For him, Infinity War was the grand culmination of seeing all his childhood superheroes gather together to fight the one big bad guy (as I later found out in the movie, literally LOL).

I had to restrain him from impulsively booking the tickets, because I had actually won a pair of Golden Village Gold Class tickets last year at my department's thank-you lunch at Westin, for which I didn't even get to attend as I was in Europe at that point of time.

I had never experienced watching movie in Gold Class before, as I wasn't willing to shell out just $39 for a single ticket alone. I found that just too excessive for that 2 hours plus of comfort, and I just couldn't find the heart to part ways with my money like that.

Watching Infinity Wars deserves the Gold Class experience, I thought, so I decided to go ahead and book seats for it.

Almost all the Gold Class seats were sold out when I first tried booking it two weeks back (wow at the amount of money people would pay to watch a Marvel film) - as such, I was only left with a choice of side seats, second from the front. Not exactly very ideal, but since Grumpy wanted to watch it very badly, and since a Gold Class theatre would have less seats, I figured that it shouldn't be that bad.

Grumpy and I decided to have our lunch in the Gold Class lounge, so we met around 1.5 hours before the start of our movie screening to enjoy some lunch. I think we made the right choice to come earlier, because the food we ordered took quite awhile to be served to us. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our food really very much, although it was quite pricey for a non-restaurant setting.

A photo to commemorate my virgin experience with Gold Class, since I wouldn't be sure when I'd come back for this again.

Presentation is everything lol.

Mushroom truffle aglio olio for me, which was damn good.

Grumpy's chargrilled chicken burger. The whole thing was quite good, with the truffle fries being an absolute stand-out in its own right. The fries were fried perfectly and reminded me a lot of the potato crisps I had back at Pancakes on the Rocks in Aussie. ;D

We had a large table to put our food. Grumpy also ordered a box of sweet popcorn and nacho chips with beef dipping for our consumption.

Infinity War just left me speechless... In fact, I daresay that in terms of intensity, the emotional heft and action, this film just blows everything out of the water. If I, as a non-Marvel fan, felt so blown away by this film, imagine reactions from people like Grumpy Cat, who has grown up reading Marvel comics and watching Marvel films over the span of his childhood. You could literally feel the silence from the audience as the movie came to an end, and mind you, it was in a sold-out movie screening, with seats all filled from the very front row to the back.

I will not spoil Infinity War for you guys out there who still haven't watched it, but this film is probably one you'd never regret watching. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

Back to my virgin Gold Class experience. Although mains like the pasta and burger could be brought to you at the cinema seats, I felt that we had made the right choice to dine in the lounge instead, as the cinema was very dark and the table wasn't that big enough to hold 2 main dishes. That was the case for my nacho chips. I could barely make out the outline of my nacho chips in the dark cinema setting, therefore, I didn't really know how my nacho chips looked like.

The Gold Class seats were really comfortable though. It was fully reclinable and for the rest of the movie, everybody was just lying down and watching while snacking on their eats. Grumpy said that he heard someone snoring lol; that was how comfortable it could get. For me, I did not sleep as the movie was so action-packed that it got my adrenaline pumping.

Food-wise, Grumpy said that the bill came up to more than $60 (pasta was $13, burger was $17, nacho chips were $16, popcorn was $7) after the inclusion of taxes and service charge, but that was before utilising the $20 F&B voucher that I also got from the lucky draw. Plain water was also charged to our tab. I must say that this Gold Class experience was still a very expensive one, even with the free tickets.

Would I pay to experience Gold Class again? Most likely no, for I feel that the price doesn't really justify the 2 hours of relative comfort that I get. Moreover, the movie was in the normal 2D format, not even in 3D or 4D. The only thing different from a normal typical movie experience was that there were reclinable seats, a blanket to keep you warm, and a butler who'd tend to your needs if you call for them. All these for $39? Nah, my money is better spent elsewhere.

So this blog post serves to remind me of how luxurious being in the Gold Class cinema was, but also how atrociously expensive it was.

May I be lucky enough to win another pair of Gold Class tickets again. ;P